PURPOSEWhy to develop a stronger and a more positive

PURPOSEWhy and when was it created? Is it important to my inquiry?It was created to make goals of food addiction treatment including defining what food addiction may be and what it might look like, what are the causes, symptoms, treatments etc. This it done in order to help people affected and currently in the addiction, to help them receive and be more knowledgeable of what is going on and ways to help their issues. This site also helps these individuals suffering to develop a stronger and a more positive perspective on this issue for example being more body positive in terms of self-image. They can find ways on how to change their own and/or others compulsive eating habits and create healthier and fit life styles. It also looks at what can affect the addiction in terms of health, environmental factors. It is in fact very important to my inquiry because it provides me with tons of useful information on what food addiction is about, what goes on in the brain, what causes it, what are the main treatments for it etc. Most significantly it provides treatments that can be very helpful if an individual has a food addiction and again, talks about what goes on in the brain with the dopamine, which is again, very useful and essential information and data.ACCURACYIs the information correct, truthful and unbiased? Should I use it?The information is correct and thruthful because when compared to other websites like https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319670.php and https://www.healthline.com/health/addiction/food#treatment, it seems to be that a majority of the information matches especially the treatments, most of the treatments listed in my original website is also a main in the two websites listed above as the two also talk about the same treatments and help that an individual can get. It not only provides information, but is actually a organization that actually helps individuals through phone calls, treatment services and centers as well as rehab etc. Meaning that it is honest and can be used for this research. I think this information is unbiased due to the fact that it actually treats individual upon this ideas and sources provided. It isn’t just what everyday says. I should definitely consider using this site, because as mentioned, it contains the specific information that I am looking for in terms of treatments as a main, but this website contains more information that it useful for further investigation in terms of causes and what goes on in the brain while food addiction is present. SOURCEWho created it? Are they an expert? Are they believable?Michael Cartwright is a chairman & the co-founder for American Addiction Centers. As a chairman of AAC, a national behavioral healthcare company with treatment opportunities and centers, providing treatment and helpful options for alcoholism, drugs and mental health disorders is his work in places such as, Southern California, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey, Florida etc. Being the co-founder of AAC, he has introduced a national Lifestyle Intervention Conference that looks at lifestyle addictions such as, food, sex, gambling, pornography, smoking, and gaming. He has been a behavioral healthcare entrepreneur for more than 20 years who started four companies with his treatment assistance that is known in 12 states nationwide, while serving the community and also privately. This is a reason why he is an expert and is believable because of everything he has done. Michael supervised 15 federally-funded research studies on some of the best ways of treatments. He is known as an expert on combined care, research-based approaches and program development which from he was appointed to the U.S. Senate Help Sub-Committee on Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services. Also is a board member of Dual Recovery Anonymous and currently serves as a member of the National Steering Council on Co-occurring Disorders. Based on the research he’s worked on is a great part of the book he has written called, Believable Hope: 5 Essential Elements to Beat Any Addiction. Overall, this information tells me that he is a professional and has many evidence of being believable.SUPPORTIs it supported by other information and sources? It is supported with other information as said before, it has different information on different kinds of addiction like many drugs and alcoholism. They specialize in dual diagnosis and treatments or co-occurring mental health issues. It provides information on treatment program including the best care through also looking at the program in a scientifically-proven therapy. It also often consults with an extensive range of clinical addiction experts in order to stay in the leading or most important position of addiction treatment and latest advancements in treatments and recovery while getting the best practices.This tells me that this site is very reliable and contains great information while keeping up with the latest details based on my inquiry and what I need to research about.


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