pull the deadline. In order to avoid this issue,

pull the project back on track. This effected the project
because it stopped any further progress with the project has files were
unaccusable, and prevent staff members from progressing with the project.
Therefore, this caused massive delays within the project, as work was

At the time of the issue, occurring there was no clear
solution to the issue; therefore, work was at a standstill, which delayed the
progress within the progress. However, this issue was mainly overcome because
the staff working on that day committed to working extra hours in order to
ensure that the project remained on track in order to meet the deadline set.
This allowed the work, which was delayed due to the network failure, to be
caught up and allowed for the overall project to remain on track in order to
meet the deadline.

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In order to avoid this issue, from affecting the project, I
would implement a another sever which can also be used to store data onto it,
and maybe an offsite sever to avoid any possible network/sever issue effect the
progress and therefore the project can continue at a steady pace, which will
allow the project to remain on schedule. Therefore, if a network failure were
to occur, then staff would still be able to work, and make progress on the
project without needing to put extra work in, to ensure it remains on track.
Overall, having a backup network would be very helpful for the business,
because network failure and general hardware/software issues occur very abruptly
and are almost impossible to avoid. However business having backup would be a
very good idea as it will allow the business to have extra security and reinsurance
in case issues occur again. This will allow the project team to continue to
work on the project, and the network failure, won’t delay the project.

Weather issues

The third issue, was regarding a weather issue during one of
the project days. One of the days during the project development, heavy snow
affected staff members traveling to work. This delayed the start of the working
day by 3 hours, however due to the business slack time allowed for the lost
time to be gathered back. Although snow is very rare, it still has a massive
impact on the project. This issue had an impact on the project, as it delayed
almost all of the project team from traveling to work, a series of heavy snow
showers, which also lead to a dangerous conditions, making near impossible for
staff member to travel to and from work.

The weather issue effected everyone travel to work, so the
project start on that particular day was delayed by 3 hours. However like the
earlier issue, the staff on that articular day were willing to put in the
extra hours to insure that the project remained on track to meet the required
deadline. Overall from the delays occurring to the end of that day, all of the
missed work was caught up which allowed the project to maintain a steady
schedule to meet the deadline.

In order to avoid this issue from occurring again, and
having that big of an impact, allowing staff to work from home would be a very beneficial
idea for future project. Not only would this allow staff to continue working
when weather conditions effect travel to work, it would also help staff when
they’re ill or unable to attend work. The majority of people feel more relaxed
and work better from home, while has some people might find it hard to work at
home. If weather conditions or staff illness do occur within the project then
this will allow staff to work from home, to allow the project to progress.

This would help improve future project, because weather
related issue, won’t impact the progress of the project, as staff member have
the relevant resources available at home which allow them to make progress.
This would also prevent the project from being delayed.

Future recommendations

Although the project had a number of issues, which had a
negative impact on the project, which could be improved within the project. The
project also had a few other recommendations, which could be adapted for future
project to allow a completely successful project.

The first recommendation for the project, would be better
planning. Although the planning was completely accurate apart from one aspect,
the project over calculated the timings of one of the activities within the
project. At the first plan it was calculated that it would take two days per
webpage in order to fully test the individual webpages. This was very over calculated,
and it turned out that it only took one day for each webpage to be tested
within the project. This had a positive impact on the project as it saved over
four days, and £958 from the budget. The main concern for this, was that the
over calculation was discovered later in the project development which meant
that the extra time and budget had no real impact on the actual project. The
extra budget, could have allowed for better equipment and higher skilled staff,
which could have made the project look and act better, as well as the project
finishing further ahead of schedule. Also an extra budget would allow for extras
to be implemented into the project. 


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