Pub between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid) of La

Pub Etiquette
Last light I happened to go to the pub at 1912 to watch a football game, the El Clasico(Spanish which means the game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid) of La Liga by myself. The game was really huge, it was estimated that over 6 million people were watching that game through broadcast all over the world. The game ended up in 3-0, Barcelona won Madrid and of course our FCB fans were crazy and RMA fans were so sad. I have to admit that although it was a very small pub, the atmosphere was awesome, especially when we celebrate together for the scores!
I mentioned my experience because I like to go to the pub for football games. Usually I go there with my friends but this time I just came by myself. The pub is not a formal one and you just order whichever drink you want from the refrigerator. However, I have heard that in some places they have pub etiquette. I think it may be useful so I learned more about this kind of etiquette.
The original intention of pub etiquette is to promote sociability in a community. Firstly, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in a place you need to follow the local rules, so is a hub. So when a group of people need to buy drinks, they had better send one or two guys in case the bar staff is confused of the order.  What’s more, you can attract some attentions from the pub stuff but remember that those stuffs are aware of the order.

To be polite is very basic, try to remember something the pub stuff dislike. For example, keep making decisions while other people are waiting is not welcomed. Instead of fee, you may just order a cup for the staff which makes him feel equal.
When you own a drink, how do you talk with locals? Those who always go to hubs  would probably suggest in implicit ways if they are good at chatting. Focusing on those who have already bought something and are still wondering at the bar. Those who sit on the tables may not interested in chatting with someone. Concentration on people who looks like seeking someone around the room. Never introduce yourself in some strange manners. On the contrary, be modest in case of embarrassment. Some people don’t even care about your name and not interested in shaking hand with you before you are not familiar with each other at all.
Talk some attracting topics in appropriate moment, do not disturb other people’s talking, give your new friend you just meet with a drink. This is essential to know more people. The way of sharing is important by buying in tern. Some male is afraid of intimacy and finds it not easy to show the interest of being friends on other men and otherwise could be considered somehow aggressive in this way.
If your friend or business partner buy the first round, you should follow the next quickly. The right time to follow to buy a drink is when their drink is about a forth left. It would be very useful sentences at this situation if you remember these following lines “It’s my round?What are you having?”

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some thoughts or ideas about this course
This is a very interesting class. Mrs. Ma, our Etiquette teacher, is quite a knowledge lady who speaks fluent English. The style of her class is very open, there were many in-class activities which makes the class really active. Meanwhile, these funny activities can deepen our comprehension about her class. For example, when talking about “how to give someone your name card”, some students were called on to the board to give us a show. Through the show Mrs. Ma wants us to understand the manner of giving your game card to someone. Another example was someone’s show of wearing tie. Through this funny show, I grown impression on wearing ties. There are more similar examples which I can’t list them all, but I will remember the knowledge behind it.
What impressed me most was definitely the special homework: handing in a video that you wear a tie. I have to admit that although I have attended in severe activities but I never did it by myself. As a result, I have to search the internet for help. Hopefully, I found one video of teaching on how to wear ties with severe different methods. I watched through the video and chose a medium difficulty way to do it. Finally I did it! I think it is quite useful for me an I hope that this course could let me obtain more and more useful skills like this.