Project a new generation of high-temperature, high-power devices. The

Project report GaN
Research and application of GaN materials are the forefront and hotspot of semiconductor research in the world at present. It is a new type of semiconductor material for developing microelectronic devices and optoelectronic devices. Together with semiconductor materials such as SIC and diamond, GaN materials are regarded as the first generation of Ge, Si Semiconductor material, the second generation of GaAs, InP compound semiconductor material after the third generation of semiconductor materials. It has wide direct bandgap, strong atomic bonds, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability (almost no acid corrosion) and other properties and strong anti-radiation ability in optoelectronics, high-temperature high-power devices and high Frequency microwave device applications have broad prospects


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The application and market
The GaN material can be used as power devices such as power amplifier, high electron mobility transistor and field effect transistor, because of its properties about high dielectric strength (it may suffer over 600V), small volume and high efficient. The GaN has a big market on the industrial micro wave heating, 4G cell site and wireless power. On the other hand, the high color rendering index and luminous efficiency of GaN also can be applied to the light emitting diode and laser diode. The band gap of GaN materials and its alloy cover the spectral range from red to ultraviolet. They are a kind of ideal material of shirt wavelength light emitting. In the detector part, the new GaN ultraviolet detectors’ (wavelength is 369nm) respond speed is similar to the Si detector , also the GaN can be used in flame detection and missile warming. 
There are many companies have focused on the development and research on the GaN materials. SAMSUNG and MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC are very familiar to us. The most importer company is the AROGY which is a American company having a 1.7 million dollar contact with ARPA-E to research GaN transistor. The ARPA-E is an agency in the United Sates Department of Energy.
Although there are some problems such as the high density of heterogeneous epitaxial defect, the GaN semiconductor materials have had enough market competitiveness. The red LED consist of the In GaN, AlGaP and AlGaAs produce the High-brightness panchromatic display. The three primary colors mixed white light source also opens up new applications. A time characterized by reliable, long-life LEDs will come. Fluorescent lamps and light bulbs will be LED replaced. LED will become the leading product. GaN transistors will also grow rapidly as the material grows and device technology evolves to become a new generation of high-temperature, high-power devices. The graph about 2015 GaN RF devices market can easily show the promising future. The total value in US had arrived at 298 million dollars. And most proportions are in the high-tech areas such as defense and wireless infrastructure. GaN can be used in different areas such as consumer( air conditioner, washing machine), datacenter( UPS, cellular base stations), industrial( motor, pump), space( aviation power modules, power switching modules), transportation( EV traction inverter, on-board battery charger). It you want, you can find the trace of GaN everywhere. The cell phone travel adapter, 4G cell site to provide the signals and even the up to date wireless power.
As a new material of semiconductor which was firstly used as the GaN P-N junction blue LED in 1989, it depend on the wide direct band gap, strong atomic bonds, high thermal conductivity, good chemical stability (hardly any acid corrosion) and other properties and strong anti-radiation ability to attract many International companies joining the line to focus on new application of GaN. BWM has became the strategic investor in GaN. All the attitudes of the scientist and companies have shown the bright future of GaN.