Probably Psychologists closely studied these kinds of people and


       Probably you as a student in your high
school life had a classmate who is extremely quiet and did not make any attempt
to interact with other students, or maybe you experienced it yourself. When you
experienced that or saw a person experiencing that you thought that it was
because of natural shyness. Have you ever thought that there were more
important reasons for that? Psychologists closely studied these kinds of people
and came up with the conclusion that they have a social anxiety (also known as
social phobia). The idea of social anxiety was developed in early 20th century.
This term was used to refer to extremely shy patients. So what is social
phobia? Social Phobia is “a mental disorder characterized by excessive and
irrational fear of situations in which the person is observed by others”
(Carlson, 1990). In other words it is a fear of interaction with other people
and being afraid of negatively judged by other people. According to Richards
(2017) social phobia is world’s third largest mental disorder after alcoholism
and depression. Why does social phobia occur? How do people solve that anxiety?
Do they solve that anxiety on their own or with the help of psychologists?
There are many people out in the world who do not suspect that they are suffering
from social anxiety, they even do not know that this anxiety exists. Because of
the lack of information they continue leaving with it.  Social phobia ruins their life, prevents them
from being themselves, being free, and achieving their finest goals, social
anxiety makes them believe in huge amount of lies about themselves. Social
anxiety is a great danger for people, it can be a reason for people to commit

       Shyness is a natural feeling that all
people living on this world have, people might be shy to perform in front of a
huge audience, might be shy at public speaking etc. There is a difference
between shyness and social anxiety. Shyness is a natural feeling that all of us
have, social anxiety is a disorder that has a great negative influence in
people’s lives that has to be treated with the help of specialists. Both male
and female face the social anxiety equally. Social Anxiety Institute is the
institution that helps people to deal with social anxiety. Thomas Richard one
of the specialist that makes various researches about social anxiety said that
not every person suffering from social phobia is certainly shy. They have
worked with many people who were extroverted. Richard (2017) also said, “Social
anxiety held them back and restricted them from doing what they wanted to do in
life. When they overcame social anxiety, they found that they enjoyed being the
center of attention and the life of the party”. Through this reading we can
understand that social phobic people are afraid of interacting with people,
making conversation or even being in the public places, the reason of it is not
their natural shyness, but the fear that they have and after overcoming that
fear they will be able to overcome the anxiety. Ultimately they will be able to
live the like others.                          

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     According to Social Anxiety Association
lead by Richard (2017) identified the symptoms of social anxiety, here are the
ten physiological symptoms of social anxiety. 1) facial freezing, 2. Blood
pressure rising, 3. Fast, racing Heartbeat, 4. Facial tics/neck, mouth, 5.
Muscle tension, 6. Hands shake, 7. Weak, shaking voice, 8. swallowing/ lump in
throat, 9. Excessive sweating. 10. Blushing (face turns red). In addition to
the physical symptoms of social anxiety people can face difficulty and feel bad
about themselves in the situations like:

•                                                          Being
introduced to other people

•                                                          Being
teased or criticized

•                                                          Being
the center of attention

•                                                          Being
watched while doing something

•                                                          Meeting
important people

•                                                          Interpersonal
relationships, whether friendships or romantic.

There is
interesting fact that needs to be known. According to the Calm clinic
Association (2009) in human brain that controls fear there is a thing which is
called amygdala. from the readings it can be understood that the fear is the
most common symptom of the social anxiety.

          Everything that we face in our life,
where it is small or big thing, situations, events etc influences our life in
someway. Some of them might have a positive influence, but some of them can
cause the opposite. Social anxiety has a great influence in people’s lives,
unfortunately the influence is totally negative. There are many people in the
world living with that anxiety, they do not live the life they want, they feel
themselves very lonely and they will begin to lose their interest in life. Here
is an example of one girl’s live living with that anxiety. The girls name is
Morgan. She is twenty years old and lives in the United States. She is young,
pretty girl with wonderful personality. This is what she says about her
disorder “it is really frustrating, because people around me just don’t
understand my anxiety, they think that it is all in my head and I am making all
up”. When she says that, there is a conclusion that we can make. The conclusion
is that people just do not consider social anxiety to be a real problem for the
person experiencing it, they do not support them when they need that a lot. It
is important that people around them should be supportive, understanding,
compassionate. She explains how the social anxiety influences her life, “social
anxiety prevents me from being a normal person and living a normal life”. This
quote indicates that she is not able to do the things that most people do all
their life, without facing any problem for example going to the shop, talking
to people, being around the people. Those are the activities that are
considered to be a part of our life, an easy thing to do, but for some people
living that “normal life” is hard and they want to live in it. Gary Cacks, a
psychologist who was helping her to overcome that anxiety says that, “the
anxiety was controlling her life and every year it was getting worse and worse,
but fortunately she reached up for help”, if she did not reach for help, the
anxiety would have gotten worse and worse that is why it is important to get
help as soon as possible in order to be able to prevent it’s influence. Parents
noticed that she was very quiet when she was about seven years old. Her mother
says that she thought that “she was just a shy girl” and did not pay any
attention to that, and her anxiety grew worse and worse. That is the common
thing for people to think of the social anxiety as a shyness. Because of that
it is important to know the differences between two of them. In Morgan’s case
parents noticed her anxiety when she was twenty years old, but at least they
got a help from psychologist. Cacks worked with her for several weeks and
helped her to feel better. Cacks used a really good technique to help her,
first he identified the stage of the anxiety that she had, ranking from one to
ten. In her case it was three. After that he made her to do the thing that she
feared to do, he made her to go to grocery store and made her believe that
there is nothing to be afraid of. They practiced this exercise. Ultimately
Morgan felt better going to grocery store on her own with a little less fear.
She is just one example, imagine there are more people suffering from that
anxiety. Moreover it makes them to think about committing suicide, they will
begin to think that death can be a better place to live rather then living with
that anxiety. To avoid this kind of thoughts it immediately needs to be

       We say that social anxiety needs to be
immediately treated, but how? The question still remains unanswered. There are
many anxieties and all of them can be treated including the social anxiety. It
is suggested that “searching for the specialist who understands the problem and
knows how to treat it. Social anxiety can be overcome with effective therapy,
work , and patience (social” as suggested it is useful to seek for
help, because there it is very hard to overcome the anxiety without any help
from specialists. There is also one therapy which is very affective to fight
the anxiety it is called Cognitive – behavioral therapy. The research studies
indicate that “after the completion of social anxiety-specific CBT. People with
social anxiety are changed” they were not afraid anymore and begin to live the
normal life. In Social Anxiety Institute there was an article about the history
of Cognitive – behavioral therapy which suggests that, “CBT was found in 1950
for the majority of people with mental problems by Drs. Anror Beck and Albert
Ellis”. CBT basically changes our old negative thought into new positive
ones.  With the help of the therapist and
with our own determination it is possible to overcome the anxiety. Some believe
that medications can also be useful, but according to Richards (2017)  it is not true medications are useless. The
special group meetings, therapies are most effective, especially the ones that
lead with the person that experienced the anxiety themselves. They will know
better, how it feels, what to say. How to treat them, and there will be a good
understanding between them. Social anxiety can be and needs to be treated.

            Social anxiety causes many problems
and the biggest of them is to get tired of living this life, having a pointless
life, and ultimately can cause people to committee suicide. We have to avoid
that because every human being deserves 
to be happy and live the life fully with freedom of actions and choice,
everything is in our hands, if we want something hard work and belief in
ourselves can help us to get that. Many people stay silent living with that
anxiety feeling that people would not understand, but the silence is the great
enemy of our fortune, if one person will not understand it, there also will be
people who will understand that and  help
that’s why do not be afraid to tell and ask for help. Social anxiety ruins our
life, it blocks the way to success and achieving the dreams and it also can be
a reason to say goodbye to our life. Everything is possible in this world,
everything is in our hands. So do not wait until someone will find out your
problems, make the first step yourself. Start today until it will not be late
who knows what can happen tomorrow. Take an action, one
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