prison shape us”- Winston Churchill.All of the practices that

prison is always conceived as a dark and dreadful space.Jails should act as a reformation and rehabilitation centre.The number of crimes are increasing day by day and so as the criminal counts too.The main aim of a jail should not just be punishment but rehabilitation.”We shape buildings, thereafter they shape us”- Winston Churchill.All of the practices that are being carried out within the prison premises are unknown by many.  Secondly the psychology of the prisoner should be considered as he is also a human being with all emotions and just circumstances could have brought him to this present condition.More over a prisoner will be already suffering mentally and physically.Treating every prisoner with kindness and compassion, empathy and sensitivity should be the main objective.  The existing jail that is Parappana Agrahara jail does not have enough security and many prisoners are escaped in recent times.Most of the CCTV cameras at this place are not in working condition.Prisons are most neglected sectors in terms of architecture.  The main concept is to transform a the jail into a rehabilitation centre and solve all the problems prevailing in the existing jail.I.2. PROJECT JUDGEMENT  The project is a live project.The State government will take up expansion of the Parappana Agrahara central prison, located on the outskirts of the city.The 20 acres land adjacent to the existing jail is going to be used for the expansion purpose.Home Minister K.J.George had held a high level meeting and came to this conclusion.  There is no biometric system and only 6 out of 25 CCTV cameras installed in 1996 on the premises are working, there are no watchtowers either hence this has led to the modernisation and expansion of the jail.  A prison is where people get physically confined and lack personal freedom, and also those awaiting trails and those serving a term exceeding one year are confined here, while a jail is where inmates are housed prior to their trials on local level and those serving a term of one year or less.I.3. AIM / OBJECTIVE / SCOPE / LIMITATIONS  The aim is to modernise and expand the Bangalore central jail keeping in mind the old models which were very effective.Application of the old models in the present jail and using modernised technologies.  The limitations is between providing maximum and minimum comfort.Lot of architectural