Presley foreigner who recently move from china to Lowell,

Presley Khok

Professor Forti

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Leadership Class

6th December 2017

Event Paper

            The event was a hobby connection club hosted by a student
at MCC. We spoke about what they have done in the past. They go and visit
museums, explore arts, socialize, etc. The task we did at the club program was
that we looked at the art of paper cutting. It was surprising how well put
together their club. The people were also very friendly, inviting, and they
were encouraging of others around them. The leader had made a PowerPoint
presentation on the art of paper cutting and it was also well made. After the
presentation they gave us paper, scissors, and freedom to try paper cutting for
ourselves. It was very cool to see everyone be encouraged by the leader who was
walking around and looking at everyone’s progress. At the end we all took a
picture for the school’s website.

            I chose to attend this event because its purpose appealed
to me. It helps expands people hobbies or introduce them to new hobbies they
could try. Also, my classmate Dylan asked if i wanted to go with to that event,
so I said sure because it is much better to with a friend. It was also the fact
that it was the only thing that stuck out compared the rest of the events and
clubs listed on the website. I just found it the most intriguing to me. The
scheduled meeting of the club fitted with in my schedule because I saw a lot of
events taking place at unattainable times.

            The event really connects to the 7 C’s of Leadership. The
leader of the event seems to understand everyone had their own ethnicity. It
was a very diverse class and she treated everyone fairly and with respect no
matter ethnicity or age. The leader was very aware of her capabilities, values,
beliefs, and strengths. She had the congruence of a leader. She was a Chinese
foreigner who recently move from china to Lowell, Massachusetts. It is good to
see that she tried to communicate properly and clearly. She knew her limits on
communications. I found she also was quite good at English. I see the
commitment in her little club. The time and effort she put into the work for
the club participants. Also, when she talked to everyone, they all had a strong
connection to each other. The bond between everyone goes to show how committed
she was to connect everyone to a social extent so that everyone is comfortable
with each other. Also, she had the qualities of a collaborative leader. From
the activity we did, she it made it a very collaborative thing. Also, when i
came early to the club meeting, i saw her help another member of the club with
some math problems. She shows she can collaborate with her club followers. She
also strived everyone positively to make art out cutting paper. She defined a
goal for the followers. She also made a common purpose visible for everyone.
She shared her goals in the beginning of the activity which was to cut some paper
in a way. Everyone had the same vision of paper cutting but there were
different results because of the diversity of everyone. We have different
influences and tastes, so we had cut what we wanted. However, we all achieved
the same goal in the end, understanding the art of paper cutting. She also
displayed the quality controversy with civility. I saw many different races but
most them were Asian. I see she did not discriminate because she was very
friendly to everyone. For example, there was an old African lady whom she was
very nice to. Everyone trusted each other and had fun always. The leader also
displayed good signs of citizenship. She tried to engage everyone to partake in
the paper cutting activity. She also gave everyone responsibility to clean up
after yourself. Overall, she was a good leader because model the social change
model. She could be the leader of change.

            This experience had influenced me because i have not yet
joined a club since middle school and i thought clubs were the worst. Form my
experience now, it encouraged to me to think of joining a club for next semester.
There are really nice people that i got to meet and i hope to meet more nice
people like them in the future. It was a positive experience for me and it a
perspective changer.