Prejudice African American and Latinos had same credit history

Prejudice and
discrimination are mostly common around the world. In spite of the fact that,
Prejudice and discrimination are totally two conceptions, they are reticulated
with each other. Also, we can see them in our social life in different shape
and style. For example, sometimes we can see that the older
people discriminates against the young people as well as the young people
discriminate against the older people. Also, boys discriminate against girls. In
addition, Prejudice and discrimination are interconnected with each other.


is a movement or negative behavior which is an inconsiderate treatment directed
against someone and it can be based on anything like age, gender, sexual
orientation, religion, clothing, speech, height, weight, income, marital
status, disease, disability, and politics etc. When people discriminate in
someone’s judgement of race, it is noted as racism. Moreover, People can take
action against discrimination. Discrimination has two level; one is Individual
discrimination and the other one is Institutional discrimination. If one person
gets a negative treatment by another person, it is called individual discrimination.

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Individual discrimination brings problems in our lives, but only individual can
fix the problem. On the other hand, institutional discrimination is more
extensive. It is difficult to fix the problem as it doesn’t affect individual,
even this problem affects to the whole society. In our book, gives as an
example of Institutional discrimination that bank lending out home mortgages. According
to our book, recent studies mention that minority people application is getting
rejected from bankers. Bankers are giving them excuses telling that White
people have better credit history than themselves. When researchers checked
their data, they found out that even African American and Latinos had same
credit history but they were 60% more likely to be canceled. We can have realized
after analyzing the data that minorities are still more likely to rejected for
their loan even though their incomes are low or more than the median income of
their community. We can see this

problem is
affecting our society so it is an example of Institutional discrimination or
much more than individual problem.


Prejudice is the
behavior that often outcome from discrimination. In short, we can say it’s a
prejudging in negative way. However, Prejudice can be in positive way
sometimes. Positive prejudice brings out the qualities and values of others. In
our society, most of the prejudice are negative and do prejudge to a group as
being subordinate. Also, no legal action can be taken against prejudice. As an
example, if someone say that old people cannot do anything on their own and
they are totally depending on others then it will be considered as a prejudice
against age. Prejudice mainly happen when people have no knowledge of someone
or any particular group. People are not born with Prejudice but it is which people
learn from other people and it is not so easy to change such prejudice since in
their childhood they have been established in people. Discrimination is a
shadow of prejudice.


Prejudice, which
is pre-judgment of someone and anything that in our mind, on the other side,
discrimination is its mirror image on someone’s action, movement, behavior and


Either it is
done on purpose or not, Prejudice and discrimination assure the continuance of
inconsistency in the USA. Even subconsciously, we are developing the
inconsistency through our movement and reaction with one another. Prejudice and
discrimination are present in our everyday lives. The fact is no matter how we
use them or reject them, it will be regulated how they impact on us.