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My aspiration to work with the globally leading organization leads me to apply to your school. I believe that a comprehensive knowledge and a good grasp of fundamentals are essential for such a career. I feel that Graduate studies in Supply Chain Management in the best institute like yours, will help me realize this objective and assist me to achieve them. Therefore, I am looking for seeking admission to the M.Sc. program at NEOMA business school with a specialization in Supply Chain Management. I have compelling reasons to believe that I will be extremely successful both as a Post Graduate student and later as a Global Executive.

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I take immense pleasure in learning new concepts. This inquisitive nature of mine along with a desire to realize my full potential drive me to pursue this course. I am aware that, to stand in global market calls for complete dedication and commitment. I consider myself to be mature, perceptive, persistent and open to criticism qualities which I believe are essential for teamwork.

I have always adopted a rigorous approach in order to attain an in-depth understanding of the subject at hand. This has given me a broad conceptual basis, which, I believe, is essential for my better career path and to evolve in the course. My overall grades in my undergraduate studies have been above average. This again reflects my approach to courses more as an introduction to concepts that need the further independent study by the student, rather than as a run-up to a semester-end examination.

As go through my undergraduate life experiences which help me enhance my interest in the field of management and get merge those attainments with my engineering skills. I was the Main coordinator in many college level events such as, college cultural and technical festival which help me to get interact with lots of people and create new relationships in the team. Apart from those events, I was the member of National Service Scheme (Organization run by Gov. of India) under which we participated in the three days camp at our university and I was the coordinator for my college team. NSS did some social impact on me. This organization taught me how to work for people from the people.

I have studied in one of the reputed institutes in our country and feel the need to expose myself to the area of business and management. I have chosen to pursue Graduate studies from NEOMA business school because the facilities at NEOMA seem to foster a healthy developing environment as I could gather from the brochure of your department. I believe that I possess the motivation, the intellectual ability, and the preparation to set out on this exhilarating and arduous path, to do justice to a demanding Graduate program and to make significant contributions to the ongoing work at your University.

The supply chain management is an inherently international field, I know that I could benefit greatly by undertaking further studies overseas, which is why I am applying to your school. In preparation for going abroad, I have been studying English intensively, and I recently earned good GMAT scores, as shown on my CV. By studying in your program, I hope to acquire broader, more in-depth knowledge of this subject, with the goal of going on to a career as a Purchasing Manager. This will require me to have a keen understanding of all links in the supply chain. Through the lectures, case studies, and research project undertaken in your program, I expect to soon have the skills necessary to help companies ensure a competitive supply chain.

I want to implement my whole experience and knowledge after getting Graduate from your school to achieve greater successes in my career. For my future career, I am interested in contract manufacturing in countries such as India and China. Specifically, I hope to work as a Purchasing Manager at a company such as Amazon and Samsung, which must maintain innovative development and implementation of supply chain strategies in order to stay competitive and profitable on an international scale. The awesome platform like NEOMA help me to one step ahead than my thinking and with the help of erudite professor’s I will try to develop my personality beyond the level I have today. I do my best while working in NEOMA.

I look forward to joining NEOMA business school as a Graduate student at your esteemed department.