Positioning to make handsets with the most amazing and

 Positioning Statement Samsung embodies style and technology for the young
professional, with its cutting edge design and superior connectivity features.
Samsung’s positioning statement is one that asserts its differentiation from
other mobile phone providers. In the local market where myriad choices abound,
Samsung’s sleek exterior design, accompanied by its selection of soft and hard
features, render it an optimal purchase for the young, technologically updated


Samsung tries to cover whole mobile and smartphone
market and is now one of the leading mobile companies of the world. Today
company’s product lineup includes almost any possible smartphone or
mobile. Thereby the current positioning of Samsung Mobile is to be a
market leader in whole mobile and smartphone market. Samsung came up with new ideas to be
more customer-focused and creative in order to establish a strong brand image
in the global market.  Their main focus is to make handsets with the most
amazing and unique designs in order to meet their customer’s expectation.

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has long counted on its marketing and hardware prowess to attract customers
seeking an alternative to Apple’s iPhone. When
Samsung needs to churn out a hit, it turns to what it’s always done best:
hardware. Samsung has long been at the forefront of the
mobile market when it comes to the technology crammed into the devices. Its
phones tend to use the fastest processors and brightest screens, as well as
incorporate novel, high-tech features such as curved displays seen in S6.

Samsung prefers to use different taglines for
their different products. This year Samsung launched S6 with
“Six Appeal” as the tagline. 




Galaxy S6 stands out for it’s high
end technologies used and features. This promo link of S6 shows all the product
attributes, values and benefits which makes it one of the most competitive
leading brands .               


are critics of Samsung who argue that its success is mostly due to
copying and then tweaking the innovations of others like Apple, Sony HTC, etc.
Even if it’s true Samsung is still leading among the fierce competitors and
some people saySamsung
has managed to bring the heat over iphone6 (biggest rival). 

 This video shows how strong both the brands are and still Samsung manages
to bring the heat over iphone6! 


Point of parity: The constant innovation and high end technologies for the
features and designs. 


of differentiation: Samsung tires to give humanized and
better personal experience, customer insight product and
innovative technology. Recently we have seen Samsung has launched
Galaxy S6 with a curved screen which is a completely new concept. 

Samsung leads 3rd among the top 10 innovative

Samsung is going from strength to strength and has
been ranked 7th ‘Best Global Brand’ in the 2014, Interbrand report.



Improvements- Overall the performance of this brand seems to be very
impressive. Samsung should focus more on the specifications and the hardware
rather than the outlook design so that consumers don’t get the chance to switch
brands in the long run. 5