Poor you correctly, you’re concerned about the deadline?” Or,

Poor ListeningPoor listening may lead to serious communication problems. Many people are like to talking, mostly they like to talking themselves. They more likely to involved, but then they do not have patience to listen to other. This result that they are not interest to the words by speaker. Everyone knows the listening is important, but few people only knows about the importance. Practice patient, active and empathic listening are important, but people not likely to behave this way. That is why a lot of communication issues happened. Poor listening leads to incomplete information and also poor retention. This will caused to the different result.Assumptions and misunderstanding can be caused due to poor listening. Resulting to ineffective outcome, errors, or costly mistakes. Personally, poor listening leads to hurt feelings to other and loss of team cohesion. This weakens trust to another.Solution 1)Focus on the other person/speakerTo listen carefully, initially, we have to focus on the speaker. Making good eye contact and stop the unnecessary activity. And try not to interrupt when someone is talking to you. But you may share your opinion after they finish speaking. So, tune into the other person’s body language and voice inflection to identify his/her core viewpoint. Beside understand persons words, try to notice different in the thoughts, voice volume, and feelings from their words. 2)Seek confirmation on what you perceivedAfter the communication finish, you may think back what has been discuss so far. But the fact that, nobody are sure that you do understand and received the message correctly. To verify the perceptions and getting confirmation from the other person. There are some action can do, people would like to asking questions. “If I understand you correctly, you’re concerned about the deadline?” Or, “So you’re concerned about the deadline?”If you hear “not really,” ask the person to clarify and then start over again. Until you can definitely repeat the point of the person and met his/her satisfaction. The process is to require patience and truly understand to other. Trying this method on next time when also encounter a difference of opinion.The good thing is may better working relationships, better opinion, and a better bottom line with your subordinate.