Pollution have become real concerned about. Throughout the years,

Pollution throughout not only the united states, but around the world, has become something that many people have become real concerned about. Throughout the years, its become worse and worse. As time goes by, we populate more and more, and it causes for more waste, more food, and a lot more pollution that’s getting thrown out into the atmosphere. And there is nothing we can do to take it all back.When pollution gets spreads around through the atmosphere, and it damages many things. One of them being crops. When crops are exposed to high concentrations of pollution, many crops are injured and eventually non-functioning crops. Many of the ways to notice that these crops are damaged by pollution, is not only the lack of crop energy but through markings of leaves, and a lack of growth.As far as animals go, many animals can be affected by pollution as well. As pollution damages our food and water, it is also something that not only humans need, but so does are food resource need as well. Think about it, bad crops, for our food source, will cause our food source to die meaning less food for us, and less food for us means world hunger, diseases and eventually death.Many pollutants may directly affect soil, causing a very acidic soil. An acidic soil used during farming will lead to bad crops and harming farmers work. It’s a though situation for the farmer and the soil itself. When the soil changes completely, fungi and bacteria have completely taken over, and it allows the plants not to grow at all. This can range as far as pesticides, odors, smoke, dust, trash etc.Now don’t get me wrong, without any of this pollution stuff happening, I probably would not be here. It happens everywhere in everyone’s life. From driving, to cooking, to working, to pretty much anything we do on a day to day basis. And as sad as it is, were not accustomed to the safe and healthy way to treat our planet, and were adapted to hurting the place we eat from, drink from and live on.As harsh as it sounds, there is nothing we can do from all the damage we have done to the world so far, but there is a lot of room for improvement to this situation. Off the top that I can think of is the big recycle, that helps much more than you would imagine around the world. Things such as walking, or paddling to school or work instead of driving are the first steps to a better world. Remember if we don’t take care of our food, our food won’t take care of us, so it is important to do so.