“Policy political or social. Aron Wildavsky (1979) defines policy

“Policy is
clearly matter of the authoritative allocation of values; policies are
operational statement of values; statements of prescriptive intent.” (Kogan
1975). A policy is a statement of intent to achieve certain goal(s) by a local,
regional or national governments of a country.

The term public
policy can be used to describe any course of action which intends to change a
certain situation. The situation sought to be changed or altered can economic,
political or social.

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Aron Wildavsky
(1979) defines policy as “a process as well as a product. It is used to refer
to a process of decision making and also the product of process.”

A policy is “a
standing decision characterised by behavioural consistency and repetitiveness
on the part of both those who make it and those who abide by it.” (Heinz Eulaw
and Kenneth Prewitt).

The relevance of
government policies cannot be over emphasised. They serve as tools or
instruments, used by the government to impact the lives of its citizens.

Dror (1973)
stated that public policy refers to “important actions of government”, while
Dye (1976) on the other hand defined Public Policy to mean “whatever government
chooses to do or not to do”.

Carl (1975)
defines public policy as “a proposed course of action of a person, group or
government within a given environment providing obstacles and opportunities
which the policy was proposed to utilise and overcome in a effort to reach a
goal or realise an objective or a purpose.”

policies in Nigeria can be regarded as widely unpopular among the citizens of
the state, they are often disregarded when possible while some are openly
rejected, and this is as a result of improper implementation of these policies,
corrupt practises that are perpetrated using these policies, amongst other

term Corruption is one that has being defined in different ways, according to
the antigraft.org “Corruption is a complex social, political and economic
phenomenon”. It surpasses the act of giving and receiving bribes and extends to
embezzlement of public funds and obstruction of justice.