Plantronics digital business. A key point of this report

Plantronics is a designer,
manufacturer and marketer of lightweight communications headsets, telephone
headset systems, headset accessories, and related services. Plantronics’
headsets are recognised for their safety, reliability, comfort, and sound
quality. Plantronics has come to be highly regarded for leading-edge
technological innovations, particularly for its emerging market products, such
as cellular and computer headsets. The Company’s headset products are used
globally for call centre, mobile, computer and residential applications.


In like manner for
different businesses, the street to digital business achievement isn’t clear
and full of troubles of choosing the right key bearing and making due in an inevitably
brutal aggressive condition. Not all who take after the course survive. Be that
as it may, regardless of whether it’s the new companies or a current business,
what they have in like manner is that the individuals who succeed figure out
how to improve to take the privilege key choices about digital innovation, digital
marketing and inventory network management.

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This report is
planned to analyse the impact of e-commerce strategy for Plantronics with a
portion of the learning and reasonable abilities to explore their association
towards digital business. A key point of this report is to distinguish and
audit the key management choices required by associations moving to digital
business and consider the procedure by which these choices can be taken.



This report answers the following question:
How should they go about implementing two or more of the aforementioned digital
technologies? What benefit will it bring? What will it look like? How will it
improve their customers’ experiences? Justify why they should do this. What are
the possible implications both internally as well as externally to this change?
What should senior leadership do in order to embed these new technologies into
the company culture? What are some risks and what are the benefits of adopting
these new technologies? Through a systematic research for the benefits and
drawbacks of e-commerce for Plantronics.















Literature Review (theoretical

1.1  E-commerce


Management of e-commerce involves organizing purchase-side1
and sell-side2
activities and setting up the plans and resources to deliver the identified
benefits. Today, the web-based social networking or peer-to-peer interactions
that happen between customers on organization websites, web journals,
communities and informal communities have changed the progression of online

Likewise, the overexcited consumer
appropriation of mobile technology stages by means of mobile sites and mobile
applications offers new stages to interact with customers which must be
evaluated and prioritized. Deciding which of the many emerging technologies and
marketing approaches to prioritize and which to ignore is a challenge for all


However, Introducing new technology isn’t all that is required for
success in presenting e?commerce and digital business. Clearly defined
objectives, creating the correct culture for change, blend of abilities,
partnerships and authoritative structure are seemingly more imperative.


principle business drivers for presenting e?commerce and digital business are
opportunities for increased revenues and reducing costs, however numerous other
benefits can be identified that improve customer service and corporate image.
Consumer reception of the digital technology is limited by absence of
imperative, cost of access and security fears. Business reception tends to be
restricted by perception of cost, making return on investment hard to evaluate.


Assessment of an association’s existing digital business capabilities is
a beginning stage for the future development of their digital business
strategy. An example of a fundamental stage model reviewing capabilities for
sell-side and purchase side e-commerce is appeared in Figure 1.1. This shows how
companies will introduce more complex technologies and extend the range of
processes which are digital business-enabled.

1 E-commerce transactions
between an organization and its suppliers and other partners.

2 E-commerce transactions
between an organization and its customers.