Physical their own health. In working people a number

Physical activity is the fundamental factor from our lives
that eliminates the modern lifestyle. The increase of non-communicable
lifestyle diseases is the evidence of imbalance between lifestyle and lifestyle
factors. People follow physical rest that is physical inactivity which does not
provide proper functioning, normal structure and regulations of human organs.
It is the main problem for developing chronic non communicable diseases.

The world of human has been too fast developing. They are
does not pray to sky for rain. They are developing techniques for creating
situation themselves. He wants to capture whole the universe and all his desires
completed with wealth only. In this midst of all development he neglects the
“lifestyle.” That is his body and its harmony with nature that leads to the
life. The leading causes of non-communicable diseases are unfavourable
lifestyle patterns. It is important to activate healthy lifestyle for better

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In modern industrialized societies, the way of life is badly
affects the health of people. It influences the life each day. People are spend
time not only by fixing it but also way of spend that predictable. What to do
in the working place, when to go to sleep, when to watch TV, are activities in
a similar fashion are repeated every day. 
In last decades of nineteenth century, consider the economic, ecological
and social conditions of life, these were essential to control various diseases
for establishing smooth functioning. There are many factors pointing to the
existence of a close relationship between the quality of life and work and
health of people.

Health promotion is important and main component in this developing
society. It influences the food choices, school curricula, place of work etc.
Many examples are for the health promotion. The Scottish health education groups
promoted health by organizing a bike race through the country that fun, and
think about what they could do for their own health. In working people a number
of health compromising behaviours emerge. They are physically inactive, have
smoking and some have substance abuse. These are leads to lifestyle diseases. Physical
inactivity is the main risk factor causing diseases and leads to death.  Regular physical activity is avoiding the
risk of diseases. A Danish study indicates that physically inactive people can
expect 8 and 10 fewer life years without a major disease than physically active people. Based on
epidemiological studies, the economic consequences of physical inactivity have
been shown to be substantial on health care costs, but even greater on indirect
costs, which include the value of economic output lost because of illness,
disease-related work disabilities and premature death. The cost in monetary
terms is estimated to be €910 million a year for a population of 10 million
where half the population is too inactive to enjoy health benefits from regular
physical activity. It is calculated that 3.1 million extra days of sick leave
each year are attributable to physical inactivity in a population of 5.5
million people ( Sorensen and Bronnum-Hansen,