Philippine and politicians have spoken out against the deadly

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, Friend of the State or Enemy of the People?Duterte was the Mayor of the Philippine city of Davao for 22 years serving seven terms. His political success was supported by his vocal support for the extrajudicial killings of drugs users, dealers, and other criminals. Though these illegal acts may have left a bad taste in some people’s  mouths, a majority of people of the Philippines seemed to be pleased that their new president was making a move to make the Philippines a safer and hopefully drug free country. Though   the amount of crime has decreased significantly, it has come with a tremendous cost.Thousands of people have been killed during the War on Drugs, teenagers included. These extrajudicial killings have torn families apart, destroyed relationships, and ruined lives. Where did it all begin?After taking over as Mayor of Davao, following the collapse of Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship, crime was at an all time high. Duterte did his best to crackdown on specifically drug related crimes on the island. To do so Duterte gave orders to his very first death squad in the city of Davao, on the southern island of Mindanao. The “Davao Death Squad” (still active today) stormed villages and residences hunting for anyone suspected of handling drugs. They killed so many and after becoming president, Duterte continued these harsh policies. So, was is all worth it? When Duterte took office in June of 2016, he launched his War on Drugs. A campaign to kill and dispose of all the alleged drug dealers and users across the Philippines in order to help expand the economy. What is the cost?As of March 2017 over 14,000 people have been killed and over 40,000 arrested in relation to drug usage, dealing, and suspicion of possession. In recent months extrajudicial killings have reached an extreme, with the highest death toll being approximately 32 people in only one day. The campaign has received a large amount of international criticism due to the large number of deaths that have taken place after the war began. It is suspected of being an extreme violation of Human Rights. What is being done?Even though human rights organizations and politicians have spoken out against the deadly campaign. Duterte has done quite a good job at making sure that the legislature had no major oversight over the war to avoid major conflict. Former secretary of justice Leila de Lima has spoken out against the major human rights violations caused by the war. De Lima had held hearings against the conflict and had done her best to put it to and end. Though,  Duterte wouldn’t go down without fight.                In his speeches Duterte has seen to have used very harsh rhetorics meant to display his power and warn participants of the drug trade that it won’t be going on for much longer, that his team of vigilante groups will one and for all put an end to these crimes at any cost.