People virus (HIV) is one of these descrepencies, it

walk through cities everyday and poverty is prevelant though out most cities. There
is a descrepency between those whole are financially well off and those who are
considered in poverty. Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is one of these
descrepencies, it is a disease that seems to be attracted to those who are in
poverty. HIV tends affect lower socioeconomic classes at a faster rate than
those at a higher socioeconomic class (American Psychological Association APA,
n.d.). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that there
are about 1.2 million people with HIV living in the United States alone and in
addition 50,000 people become diagnosed every year (2016).  In the publication of HIV/AIDS and
Socioeconomic Status, it states that a lower socioeconomic class is linked to riskier
behavior such as not using a condom after substance use or exchaning sex for
money, drugs, or necessities like food and safety (APA, n.d.). Along the terms
of sex, the prevelence of HIV or other STDs is elevated especially if a person’s
selected partner is from the same ethnicity (CDC, 2016). The CDC also continues
with this idea stating that “those who cannot afford the basics in life may end
up in circumstances that increase their risk for HIV infections (2016).

Once diagnosed with HIV, the tolls to get treatment and stay
on treatment are difficult for those who are in a lower socioeconomic class. Depending on whether the person
is in a resource-rich area or resource poor area can determine the difficulties
they may face with HIV. Example of this are in a resource-rich area they may
have difficulty with addiction or depression which would cause the person to
not adhere to their treatment while those in a resource-poor may not be able to
access healthcare or the treatment (APA, n.d.). The medication is used
to lower the virus in the blood and reduces the risk of transmitting it (CDC,
2016). Some people in poverty have a delayed start on treatment compared to
those who are more financially well off, causing their chance of survival to
reduce. This causes the people in poverty a higher risk of mortality which
research has shown can be almost three times greater than the mortality rate of
a patient in a higher socioeconomic class (APA, n.d.). 

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