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People may say that Students should not have a after school job because they will not do good in school, but  I think students should be encouraged to work part time. Students will become more experienced in their future, teach them to become more independent and a more mature person. Working part time can also give many benefits to students. According to Times magazine 55% of students have  jobs, work more than 25 hours and 46% are full time employed. Many school students love part time jobs, and their parents approve it as they say they gain experience from working and it doesn’t matter the job. However having a job is also a big responsibility for a student. Students should be motivated to work part time jobs because they can learn new skills and learn how to manage their financial. First of all they can get a lot of experiences that cant be learned in school because this is the only place for them to learn responsibility. The students can also experience the real world of work when they work part time and can determine their career field for their own study at college. They can also find new and better work opportunities because they have been through alot of work experiences and find out what jobs are appropriate for themselves. So, this will help students make the perfect decision to choose a job that they will enjoy to do and have the skills required. My experience, from being employed with a part time job, I truly believed that there is nothing wrong in having a part time job while being a school student. I honestly think it is a great, awesome Idea for students to have a part time jobs before they graduate from High School if they have the time to do so. Students who are responsible will gain knowledge by having a job. All students that work gain work gainw work ethic. Also they will know how to balance workloads like school and work. This is good for when student go on to become involved in afterschool activities or something, they will know how to manage their time and energy between activities. The ability to have the skill to manage time is a skill that is really important for students and people too in today’s world because everything is so fast. For example there is a lot to do in a typical, daily routine of of a student. Employed students must learn how to work and still manage to have time for their studies and homework, also other things. Will also gain a lot of confidence, like when they have to tell the boss when they absolutely can’t work because schoolwork must come first. For Instance I used to work 35 hours a week and I had attending part time, and I had soccer practice but I still kept school the first priority. At first it was hard but you get just to it and work a good routine, and would not waste time. I learned a lot ever since I started to work, and I plan out my plans to make sure I have the proper time for everything. Students learn how to balance their workload.