Paul Erdos was one of the most prophetic mathematician

Paul Erdos was one of the most prophetic mathematician from Hungary, he was well known for his lifestyle. He was born on March 26, 1913 in Budapest, Hungary and died on September 20, 1996 in Poland he studied in Ectvos Lorand University in 1934 and his parents were Lajos ¬†Erdos and Anna Erdos. His parents were math teachers in a high school and obviously that helped him a lot to be under that kind of influence to become the person that he did. His childhood didn’t start out so great, he had to sister who three and four they had caught the scarlet fever which is a very deadly disease and sadly they died the day he was born. With a situation as bad as this, his parents were very devastated and would do anything for his son not to pass through what his older sisters had gone through, so they decided to keep him at home until the age of ten years old. “I fell in love with numbers at a young age” said Paul Erdos due to the cause that his dad was out of his life for six year for being a prisoner of war in Russia and his mother working full time. Since he would be home all of the time he would read his parents math books and learned that he loved it and definitely embraced it. He didn’t have much human contact, “They were my friends. I could depend on them to always be there and always behave in the same way”. At 17, Erdos joined the Peter Pazmany University in Budapest and in four years he undergraduate and earned a PHD in mathematics. He had written plenty of famous books, mostly at the end of his career. He was a great asset to this world and me because he shows us that if we want something we can accomplish anything we out our mind to. He didn’t have the greatest life, he kept it simple and never got married. He had been use to being alone and he wanted it to stay like that, even though his life may be different from ours we can still exceed in many things that will benefit us in the long run.


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