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How We Can Protect Ourselves from Social Media

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Sungchul Jung

CSCI 100 Survey of Computing

Professor Michael Myers

December 13, 2017


How We Can Protect Ourselves from Social Media

Today, social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has become common in all over the world. It is true that social media has been playing an important role to promote communication among people, and people share information by using photos, videos, sounds, and text. However, the development of social media leads to a social problem because of lack of understanding a risk in using social media. In this paper, I would like to analyze current and future trends in social media, and then discuss how we can protect ourselves when we use social media by focusing on copy rights, reputation and privacy.

First of all, current trends in social media has made remarkable progress, and various contents are used by users. Especially, video content has exploded in the past year. According to Michael (2016), 60% of marketers are using video content in their marketing, and 73% said that they are planning to increase their use of videos (Michael, 2016, p.5). The graph shows the percentage of marketers who are planning on increasing video content.

                               (Michael, 2016, p.47)

For examples, Snapchat is obviously popular among young people. From its start, Snapchat is video-oriented, and people can quickly send their photos or video, which is called “story”, to casually tell what they are going on right now. Although there are a lot of apps that people can share photos and videos, the advantages of using Snapchat are that users can tell a story about their entire day in a narrative manner, and those stories will be deleted after 24 hours. Also, Facebook has been focusing on video content recent years. According to data from Facebook, the number of video posts per person has increased 75 percent globally and 94 percent in the U.S. We can conclude that the amount of videos from brands and users are increasing significantly all over the world.

            In addition to expanding video contents, influencers are increasing in social media. Influencers are people who provide their contents by social media, and they influence audience by providing their thoughts or items in their contents. According to Deep (2017), More than 90 % of marketers think that using influencers for their marketing strategies is successful. It is true that a lot of brands use influencers to promote products, and they cannot ignore a strong connection with influencers and their audiences.

Now, let’s see social media trend in 2018. One of treads that people might see in 2018 would be focus on Generation Z. Godlman (2015) stated in his research, “Generation Z will be larger and more influential than Millennials.” (Goldman, 2015, p11)

In other words, Generation Z will be the target in social media, and they will take a big role to make social media to evolve. At the same time, one of the article, which is called “11 Ways Social Media Will Evolve in the Future”, the author explains increase focusing on privacy. While social media has been developed, people should advance the privacy to protect themselves. Therefore, from next paragraph, I would like to discuss how we can protect ourselves when we use social media by focusing on copyrights, reputation and privacy.

Social media makes it easy to share large amount of information with a lot of people via Internet, but sharing information can create a big problem, which is copyright infringement. According to the textbook, “copyright is a form of legal protection that grants the author of an original work an exclusive right to copy, distribute, sell, and modify that work.” Copyrights can be applied to every contents. After an original work is made, it is automatically acknowledged as copyrights. It is illegal to copy without any permission from copyright holders, however, a lot of people do copyright infringement unconsciously because of lack of understanding. Utilizing social media makes it possible to share not only books and photo but also music and video as information, which is a case of enormous copyright infringement. Although there are laws to protect copyright, this problem is not too serious for people sharing information because they have a lack of sense that copyrights infringement is illegal. Social media is easy and convenient, however, at the same time, it leads people to illegal ways. Therefore, it is important for both users and copyright holders to consider whether it is illegal or not before posting or copying, and people need to get more knowledges of copyrights.

Next, it is clear that online reputation is significant because it relates to perception of an online identity from others, and it influences real life. However, if people get a bad reputation online, it is hard to be erased. In the textbook, there are some examples that have negative effects, such as mistakes, cyberbullying, impersonation, etc. In recent years, cyberbullying is one of the serious problems especially for young people. 

According to Cyberbullying Research Center, as shown in the graph, 34.4% of middle school students between the ages of 11 and 15 have been cyberbullied. With the increased use of online content, people are bullied easily in everywhere at any times. Once cyberbullying happens, it can be hard to remove bad reputation of the targeted person. Moreover, there are a lot of factors that can contribute to online reputation, such as user profile, comments, posts, people who are interacting with, etc. Every element which relate to you can affect your online reputation, and they might affect to others’. The important things to manage own online reputation are to be careful for all your actions on the Internet, and to learn how you should use online tools with well-understanding of your online reputation.

            Thirdly, privacy is the most important key to control access to personal information. Although some people prefer to open their lifestyle or information to majority people, it is necessary for online users to protect individual rights from strangers. On the other hand, the ease of using social media leads privacy violation in both individual and business. For example, there was the news that personal information was leaking from Facebook apps. To prevent future leaks, many social media companies recommend to change passwords frequently, however, a goal of most companies is making easier to use social media, and providing rapid information as possible as they can. In addition, according to S. Srinivasan (2012), one of privacy violation which happens in social media includes third-party applications. Users can download applications too easily, and third-party social media apps will get our data from profiles easily. To prevent the risk of privacy violation, people should pay attention to their privacy settings as well as the access from the app.

            In conclusion, social media influences our life tightly, and there are variety of ways to connect with others in social networks. Nowadays, video content has been getting attention from many people, and it is increasing influencers. Those current trends are going to develop more and more, and the future which Generation Z will be the main target in social media is going be coming soon. As social media has been popular, there are some problems that we should face and understand, which are copyrights, reputation and privacy. To protect our selves from violation in social media, we should consider whether it is illegal or not before posting or copying, careful for all your actions on the Internet, and set accounts privacy information.





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