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As the story progresses, the people of Uruk, including the nobles of Uruk become greatly irked by the oppressive leadership of Gilgamesh. As per the poem, “the men of Uruk muttered in their houses, Gilgamesh sounds the tocsin for his amusement, his arrogance has no bounds by day or night”. He had grown to be more powerful than any other leader around him hence no one could ever overthrow him. His arrogance and restlessness had caused great havoc. With a great deal of unhappiness and desperation among the civilians, the nobles turn to praying to the gods to come to their aid. The gods create Enkidu, a man who was equal to Gilgamesh in every way. Enkidu was initially a wild man who stayed in wild animal habitat in the steppes of their land. He is eventually tamed by a temple harlot who aims to make him human. A project that becomes successful and he is later taken to Uruk. 
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In Uruk, he takes part in wrestling matches with Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh and Enkidu first meet outside a temple at Uruk. Enkidu immediately states that he would reprimand the king and correct his arrogance. They get into a rivalry that went on for several days. Gilgamesh for the first time meets his match and is compelled to apply all his strength to match his new opponent. He may either have been a surprised or infuriated by having found his equal. He was forced to bring out his carefully hidden treasures; this marked the first-ever use of the gate of Babylon as a weapon. Regardless of at first seeing this as humiliation, he eventually started to enjoy this and brought them out with no regrets. Over time, Enkidu and Gilgamesh become close friends. They take part in a lot of of work, battles and adventure side by side.  Enkidu’s place can be described as that of a faithful sidekick to Gilgamesh. His role, however, changes with time. He becomes more than a helper to Gilgamesh; he turns to his brother, soul mate or even his equal. Rather than forcing him to become a good leader or overthrow him, Enkidu overcomes him with genuine friendship, molding him into a perfect leader. He becomes the first person that Gilgamesh cares about and is expresses loyalty to. Their friendship becomes the firm foundation of the epic; their friendship is seemed to be based on a mutual respect for one another’s courage and strength. It took this relationship to help Gilgamesh realize the relevance of association with other individuals.

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