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The landform I chose was Diamond Head, located on the island of O’ahu in the state of Hawaii. This landform is a volcanic tuff cone with a large crater in the middle. I picked this landform because of its personal meaning to me. I was fortunate enough to visit Hawaii three years ago and had the opportunity of a lifetime. On the last day of my program, I not only went to Diamond Head State Park but I climbed my way to the top of the crater, where I saw the most beautiful views of the island. 
Diamond Head was formed because of the aftermath of a volcanic steam eruption. Throughout the entire right side of O’ahu there is a big mountain range known as the Ko’olau Mountain Range. Around 300,000 years ago after a major eruption, various fine particles and ash went into the air, and eventually settled where the crater currently resides. The particles compacted together and formed the volcanic tuff. This happened because of erosion and deposition. During the eruption, the land was broken down which created the particles and ash in the air. This was the erosion of the volcano. It then was deposited from another area of the island to form the massive crater. 
Although erosion and deposition played a part in the formation of Diamond Head, there were other processes involved to make the famous crater that exists today. This was done by aeolian processes. Aeolian processes involve activity of wind. Because the particles were sent into the air, wind moved them from one part of the island to another. I would also say some fluvial processes were involved as well. Fluvial processes involve movement in a river. Within the Ko’olau Mountain Range there are some rivers. Particles in the smaller rivers were eroded and deposited in different areas. The last process that most likely contributed to the creation of Diamond Head was costal processes. Since O’ahu is an island, it is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. At the time of the eruption, the sea level was believed to be higher than normal. The vent of the volcano bursted above an area of coral reefs. Diamond Head is located on the Waikiki coastline of O’ahu, which also contributed to the formation of this volcanic crater.
Because of its formation, it is referred to as a monogenetic volcano. Scientists predict that the volcano will most likely not erupt anytime within the near future. The Diamond Head volcanic crater is a state monument and recognized by the Division of State Parks. The landmark itself is around 475 acres. Diamond Head is known as the most famous volcanic crater in the world. It is easily visible from many areas including the sky because of its large size. Visitors can hike at the rim of the crater. Since I experienced the hike, I know what it looks like compared to pictures. It is massive in person and the hike feels very long because of its size. It was one of the most incredible experiences.

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