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In my opinion, an inclusive environment is a place where any individual’s ideas are given respect, without discrimination and bias. People learn virtues like tolerance in such an environment. American society has long been a melting pot of different ethnic communities, which is also reflected in university enrollment. My personal experience of moving from one country to another helped me learn the importance of diversity, and how it can lead to useful or introducing innovative ideas. I have been fortunate to develop a network of friends from different cultural backgrounds and I understand the art of learning from diverse experiences to improve my own personality. I can confidently claim that students can gain important insights into and from different cultures by meeting students from various ethnic communities through participating in the AUx course. 

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In fact, the AUx is one such social course that showcases American university’s commitment towards the realization of an inclusive environment. My personal experience indicates that tolerance is the most important element that can help students from diverse backgrounds live in an inclusive and accepting community. Although it can be challenging to accept ideas that are in conflict with our personal beliefs, innovative ideas can be generated if people learn how to respect others’ cultural norms. As part of a family struggling to adjust in a different culture and alien circumstances, I have learned that giving respect to others’ ideas can make life much easier. This is the essence of successfully managing an inclusive environment. 

The AUx course is aimed at this objective, as the students will be in a better position to broaden their basic understanding about different cultures of the world and build new friendships that positively boost cultural inclusion. This course will also provide students an opportunity to learn about diverse cultural identities to stimulate further discussions. Furthermore, this program can be used as a platform to encourage students to become involved in open discussions about their individual ideas and cultural norms, which will help them identify their strengths and weaknesses through critical thinking. They will be in a better position to incorporate the positive attributes of other cultures for self-improvement. This course will be helpful in creating an inclusive environment and an accepting society within the university.