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JUSTICE REINVESTMENT is a US term. The United States Bureau of Justice assistance has defined justice reinvestment as an approach which is data-driven to increase public safety, reduce correction and spending on related criminal justice. It is basically a reinvest savings strategy that can help decrease crime and strengthen neighborhoods. The main purpose of Justice Reinvestment is to manage and allocate criminal justice populations more cost-effectively,  hence generating more money which in turn can be utilized in evidence-based strategies which will increase public safety and will also hold the offenders accountable for the crime. The states and authorities engaged in the process of justice reinvestment gather and analyze the data on the drivers of criminal justice populations and the essential amount, detects and implement changes to increase efficiencies and measures both the fiscal and safety influence of the impacts on the general public. In simple terms, one can say that Justice Reinvestment is a process of taking money from the correctional system and utilizing the same amount in funding community programs that will reduce the frequency of crime and also the number of criminals behind the bars. The term can also be defined as the reallocation of the government spending wasted on mass incarceration, juvenile justice policies and utilizing the same resources towards low-income families, youth opportunities, and social welfare.  A transformed youth justice system will enhance resources to fund peace development and conflict resolution programs in schools and educational institutes which will result in positive youth development and supervision programs for youths involved in court cases. The idea of Justice Reinvestment is not only very encouraging but also is quite popular among the community who recognizes the need for a change. It is really very costly to imprison many people, among which many are imprisoned just because of non-violent activities such as drug addiction, untreated mental health issues etc.The report says that 

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