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What is fake news?
Fake news is often an inaccurate report created with the intent to gain International attention or even to damage a reputation. Unlike misinformation which is a report in which the reporter or journalist has has confused facts without a harmful intention towards others. Fake news is often referred to false information of an individual or false propaganda to hide the truth in the state.

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The origins of fake news.
Fake news has been around for a long time, individuals of a high status and government institutions have fabricated fake news as a weapon to gain more benefit.
During the 20th century communication within society became very important. Politicians allowed  propaganda and persuasion to grow during the war period, it was often controlled by governments and heavily biased.
For example Joseph Goebbels, the reich minister of the Nazi propaganda produced fake, persuasive reports and illustrations in order to portray Hitler’s ‘heroism.’
However fake news, reports or facts started early in time. During the first century, Octavian considered to be the first roman emperor ran a campaign with  false information against the roman politician Mark Antony in order to damage his reputation.

Examples and consequences.
Of course, recently, the issue of manipulation or mistrusting a society has become a major issue for debate. Much of this debate has been lead by concerns from the  surrounding debate in the UK over Brexit in the latest years. This has lead to a mistrust and deception in society but also a nation driven to ‘pick a side’ as the political elections and votes approach.
Another main issue with fake news is that it can segregate a community with fake facts and often damage an individuals reputation. In the 2016 presidential election the company ‘facebook’ was allegedly accused of influencing the US presidential election.
the company identified thousands of posts and paid advertisements placed by Russia-based operatives and was criticised for addressing the problem too late and allowing propaganda. This resulted in an influence on the votes in which Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.
The problem with fake news is that it can strike confusion in society and can create a sense of mistrust amongst the society, as it distributes false facts with the tendency to confuse or perhaps drive individuals to pick a side. This creates a conflicted and Inconsistency in society.
Fake news is a serious threat to our society and on a larger scale it could seriously damage political decisions in the future, resulting in a corrupted society.

The new media.
Commentators argue that the media has been reformed over the last ten years and there are diverse types of media. In fact the internet and social networking sites such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook have led us to believe that the society in general has abandoned the traditional ways of communicating or the sources of news like newspapers.
Some note that the internet is solely used for entertainment rather than for news or political updates.

Post modernism is a relatively new sociological term which emerged in the 70’s, it is said to be an advanced theory of the modern society and more critical of it. Requiring new methods of study and new ideas. It’s specially critical of theories from Marx and webber, it makes a claim that society is now more advanced and currently moves forwards. 
With the rise of globalisation and technological sources individuals are less compacted together but instead we are able to move forwards and construct our own identities. 

The rise of the media and technology has created a significant shift in the post modern society, such as the internet, which created an immense number of people who were able to use the media for communication, trading and much more. We are able to upload a video with one click and make it viral in seconds. In this case individuals are able to share both, fictional and factual news, facts, videos for public entertainment. A problem with this is that fake news is able to 

spread out to other states faster and create confusion amongst different societies in a matter of minutes.

Other consequential issues raised by this is that society now relies on the media for information and facts therefore is more exposed to fake news. And as technology and the media expands and improves every day. The issue with fake news is expected to worsen over the years and create a much wider controversy in society. Moreover with the expansion of technology and media there are many more websites providing fake reports and information which creates conflict between publishers and the people affected by the fake reports. For media outlets creating content for their viewers is a necessity as it creates a much wider audience and advertising for their website. 
Consequently, publishing stories with false content within it attracts more viewers and therefore produces beneficial ratings and views. 


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