Over put itinto single goal, it is to reach

Over 65 million of Indonesian youth shares unique potentials that with the right support, cancontribute even more actively to the betterment of society. Participatory and strategic involvementfrom young generation plays critical role to reach national development agenda, in which if we put itinto single goal, it is to reach a better future for the nation. Interrelated society challenges needinclusive solutions which will be able to be achieved through an extensive collaboration. In achievingthis desired goal, developing the young people sense of national belonging, patriotism, and pride playvital role as these aspects initiate one major factor that drives real action; awareness.Awareness origin from people who eager to look after things dear to their heart, to not onlywitnessing problems and challenges, but also present themselves to lead an actionable solution.Investing on young generation is investing on future as the desirable betterment of a society will bein hands of young people who hold the role as future caretaker of a nation. With one-third of thegeneration is young people, Asia Pacific as well as Indonesia, it is acknowledgeable that developingthe young generations’ awareness are beyond an importance.Nourishing the sense of national belonging lead an acceptance that either challenges or progressivedevelopment faced together are ours and stand next by our decision. With sense of patriotism, younggeneration will be able to perceive themselves not only by their existence, but their purpose ofexistence, which is to drive a betterment for the nation as their entity. With pride, young generationembraces ourselves as identity of our nation, either when we live together in society, or as a globalcitizen.By developing the sense of belonging, patriotism, and pride on young generation, Indonesia will beable to reach both inclusive solution and extensive collaboration as the young generation arewillingly aware by their purpose-driven action. Not only influence the betterment of young people,developing these senses are also betterment support for the global issues we are facing together.Again, the reason lays on the impactful result of developing these senses; awareness.The plethora of good causes from an awareness contribute to the betterment of Indonesia as we willbe able to liven up the implementation of our national value “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (unity indiversity). With awareness, the perspective changed from “Myself” to “Us”. We need to acknowledgethat everybody cannot master everything, and neither everyone can think as creative as an artist –as random example. With new perspective as “Us”, instinctively people will be aware by the need oftogetherness, to craft a collaborative relationship where everyone embrace the truly potential theyhave for bigger betterment impact.