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Over the past six weeks I have learned about the importance of employment portfolios, resumes, and character reference letters. I learned that these are all very crucial in being hired to jobs that meet your career interests. This is how these documents are used and how they are useful.What is an employment portfolio? An employment portfolio is an organized collection of documents that shows your work experience, education, extracurricular activities, etc. This is useful whenever you want a job as it shows your employers what kinds of responsibilities you can handle, and how well you will fit in as their employee.What is a resume? A resume is one of the documents that you will include in your employment portfolio. More specifically, a resume is a document that records your objectives, education, skills, extracurricular activities, volunteer hours, and organizations you are or were in. At the top of the resume, you should include your full name, address, and your contact information in case you are hired or not. Everything after this is your objective, education, skills, organizations, and extracurricular activities/volunteer hours in that order. You can’t get a job without a resume these days, so every little detail on it is very essential, as long as it is relevant.Last, but certainly not least, you will need a character reference letter. This is essentially a letter that describes what kind of character you are. Character reference letters are written by anyone but you. For the best results, you should pick someone you have known for at least five years, this excludes family. This letter will help determine how well suited you’ll be for the job. The main reason the letter can’t be written by you or family is to prevent any exaggerations, and keep it as honest as possible.To conclude, this past six weeks was all about being employed. The key part to being employed is having a an employment portfolio. Within the portfolio, there are many files such as your resume, and a character reference letter. A resume is a document that lists all of your experiences and achievements and, a character reference letter is a letter that reflects on the type of person you are.