Out of all the amendments i think the first

Out of all the amendments i think the first amendment is the most important. We should all have freedom of religion ,speech and the press. In my opinion these are all human rights. Everyone has a right to practice their religion. Religion is a fundamental human right and something very important ( TIMMS, 2016). It is a person’s personal matter. No one should be judged by their religion. Religious freedom upholds families and lets them practice their religion (Whelchel,2016). Freedom of speech, a right all humans should have and it reinforces all other human rights. Being able to speak up allows our society to develop and progress. We all should be able to speak freely. Freedom of press is important because if people should know about something they should. Without this freedom we don’t have any protection.The freedom of religion is when someone can practice whichever religion they want and wherever they want. If we didn’t have freedom of religion it would affect society.  Having freedom of religion doesn’t allow our government to force us to follow one single religion (Pocchia, 2015) . Because of this amendment we can practice any religion we want (Pocchia, 2015). This freedom makes the lives of American citizens better (Pocchia, 2015). Also because of this we can attend different religious events and places like mosques, churches and go to catholic and other religious schools (Pocchia, 2015). We can be friends with people who don’t practice our religion (Pocchia, 2015) . Religion is a natural human right and government should not be able to force people to follow one religion. Having religious freedom prevents us from having battles,wars and getting split up into groups. This amendment makes america a big and strong country. Religion should not be how we get split up into different groups and make enemies. This could lead to tensions between people and weaken this country. Freedom of speech is equally important too. Being able to talk and being heard is very important. We should hear out people and give them our opinion. If we are not able to share our feeling,ideas and thoughts it would be hard for others to understand us and know what we want . people should be able to agree or disagree to your idea or thought but they should at least hear you out (Timmis, 2016). What you think about something and what you have to say is important and has a lot of value (Pinker, 2014). Free speech is the only way how we can learn about this world and different people (Pinker, 2014) . by discussing our ideas and thoughts we can let other know how we feel. There might be someone who did not think of something that we just thought. This freedom brings us closer to each other. Without this freedom opinions would be hidden and people would not be able to express themselves freely. We would not know what is going on and we wouldn’t learn much about our country and other people’s opinions. In other countries where there is no freedom of speech people are afraid to speak against their government and they are stuck for life. Some people are also killed if they dare to speak against their government.