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Out of the many places I’ve called “home,” Washington State is also known as, “The Evergreen State” stands out the most. I was born in Germany, but my whole life I felt like my birthplace was actually the airport. I grew up in a military household which meant a lot of moving happened growing up. When duty called, the Army, my dad gathered his troops, us of course, and there we were gathering all of our things getting ready to say hello to our new duty station. Of all the places I’ve experienced, the history, diversity, scenery, and my own personal experience growing up in Washington made me realize why the beautiful PNW, Pacific North West means the most to me.Washington’s first drawing power is its interesting back round history. Washington State became the 42nd state on November 11, 1889. It was originally named after George Washington, the first president of the United States. The state roughly has about 71,000 square miles to its name, a home to about 7 million people, a number that’s growing every day. This land has been inhabited by various people for thousands of year dating back to the 18th century. Near the ending of the 1700’s Europeans as well as famous British explorer James Cook discovered the state, discovering and naming a popular region known today as the Puget Sound and claiming it for Britain. Throughout the 1800’s, the land was commonly shared between the Americas and Britain. Though in 1846, the United States obtained Washington through the Oregon Treaty. This treaty was an agreement that settled the dispute between the two nations granting Washington to uphold the right to claim it as a state of the U.S.In addition to the States captivating history, Washington’s all-around diversity makes up an important contribution to the residing social statuses. As said above, the state is home to about 7 million people making it the 18th largest state. Of the 7 million, the various ethnic groups vary that including White, African American, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and others. The cultural diversity in Washington allows others to be given a clear understanding of the positive differences between us all. People may not practice the same culture, but the diversity creates and helps others accept with no judgment towards the other. When crossing paths with people from all different walks of life, you begin to see the world from another perspective which enhances knowledge of the outside world. Comprehension of different ethnic groups carries out peaceful collaboration and helps to see where the rest of the world comes from and how their own view of life can change your very own and help benefit yourself.Equally important to the states cultural diversity is the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest. This most North Western state showcases the white Cascade Range running from the North to South side of the region. The Range includes some of the most popular mountains we know such as Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helen, those also being active volcanoes, and much more. Heading East of the Cascade is the Puget Sound where valleys of rivers reside, beaches, and a peak of the states well-known skyline of the major cities. In addition to the large mountains is the green side of the state. The scenery also includes the coastline showing forested hills which cover half of the state giving Washington’s nickname, “The Evergreen State.”As well as Washington’s super green terrain is my own personal experience I was able to live out. I moved to the State on another one of my dad’s duty assignment from the Army in 2011 from El Paso, Texas. My family including my two parents, my older and younger brother, and my golden retriever moved in a private VIP housing area provided by the Army on a military installation named JBLM, Joint Base Lewis McChord. The housing area we stayed at was due to my dads rank as a CSM, Command Sergeant Major. It was a very large house for a government house ranging a little over 3,000 square feet. I started my last year in middle school, 8th grade 10 minutes away from the housing area, and ended up moving the middle of my sophomore year. Washington was special having my entire family as a whole. While living there we did many family activities, such as, fishing and crabbing, hiking and skiing the enormous mountains with all our close neighbors. My neighbors in the community ended up being very close family friends. Every weekend we would have a huge block party and all hangout and enjoys each others company. My 2 ½ years spent consisted of so many family memories that became a very important part of my growing up.Washington State holds an important place in my heart. I can never get over the backstory, diversity, landscape, and my own individual involvement the state played in my life. Washington’s way of life impacted parts of me emotionally with the participation of others and what had surrounded me when I lived there. It spiritually motivated me to look beyond the limit and reach for more within myself, others, and even the things around.