Our Scrolling down pages, liking other people’s pictures, sharing

Our mothers often tell us how our phones are the cause of anything bad happening. Of course, we usually ignore anything that would question our dear social apps. It has become an addiction, really. Social Media has become really controversial these last years. Some people promote these apps saying how they allow us to communicate more frequently and with more people while others say that, ironically, our communication skills are decreasing.On one hand, social media has quite a number of disadvantages. Instead of reading books or going out together, people now have another notion of fun: staying in bed with their phones or their tablets. Scrolling down pages, liking other people’s pictures, sharing fun content: this is the way to have fun in 2017. Naturally, this affects people on a personal level because their communication skills are severely decreased. In fact, it is hard to find a teenager that can have a level-headed discussion, face-to-face. They have totally acquired the virtual world and know how to manage it. Usually, they have hundreds of online friends. However, in real-life, they have a tough time socializing and making friends and acquaintances.The sight of a group of people sitting around a table and not communicating has become a common site during supposedly fun parties. At the mall, in restaurants, it is truly an addiction. As people don’t move anymore and don’t do physical activities, it also increases the risks of overweight and obesity, or in general, health issues. Moreover, at school or university, most of the students have their phones on the table and are continuously distracted by their constant buzzing. This brings down the concentration level of the students, and thus they retain less information, and this affects their performance on tests and then in real life.On the other hand, social media have also lots of advantages. The information problem is now solved. Anything that happens in the world, such as news, spreads to people a lot easier and faster. This encourages government transparency, since everything that happens is reported to the people. Also, social media are more interactive, so anyone that has an opinion can post it online and discuss it with people from all around the globe. Likewise, using social media is great for apart families who want to communicate. It allows all distances to be shortened. We don’t need to wait days and days for a letter that may not even come. Besides, apps like FaceTime and Skype allow the users to see each other, an unthinkable thing back in the day. Most of these applications like Messenger and Email are cost-effective, fast and efficient.Additionally, social media has opened up a lot of job occupations, as bloggers, fashionistas, businessmen and businesswomen. Numerous businesses are relying on social media to work, like specialty food sellers, clothes and make-up shopping on Instagram. Business owners can display their products and interact with the clients to determine the market of potential buyers, as well as expand their reach. Similarly, people can follow their idols and their every move on Twitter as well as interact directly with them. It provides to the idols a way of communicating with their fans. In conclusion, we can say that social media has downsides as well as advantages. Face-to-face communication is impeded but long distances become shorter. Students’ concentration is diminishing but new businesses are blooming. We can say that everything in good is moderation. We should use these apps enough to make use of them but not so much as to be addicted.