ORTHOTIC abduction but does not create significant hip flexion.


For successful treatment of the CDH it is mandatory to understand the natural history of the disease. For abnormal neonatal hips , following are the possible outcomes:

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1.       May normalize

2.       Dysplasia – may stabilize with abnormal development of acetabulam or femoral head

3.       Subluxation

4.       Dislocation

The treatment goals for CDH is

·         To produce normal development of acetabulum and femoral head

·         To achieve the concentric reduction of hip

·         To reduce or avoid the associated complications due to treatment like infection, stiffness and Avascular necrosis of Femoral head

·         To minimize and avoid the hardship to parents and the patient either, physical/emotional/financial.

Orthotic Interventions:

1.       Frejka Pillow

·         Used for abduction and flexion of the femurs

·         Can be wear like diapers and harness by the straps and velcors

·         Easy to use

·         The out wared rotated postion keep the head of femur in  acetabulum.

2.       Pavlik harness

·         It’s a light weight soft fabric harness

·         Can be put on under the babys vest next to skin

·         Consists of chest strap, two shoulder straps and four leg straps

·         This can be attached to the shoes of baby

·         Used from birth to six month age


3.       Von Rosen Orthosis

·         passive restraining/positioning device.

·         It is a malleableframe which was originally made with metal but now available in  plastic with straps around the shoulders, waist, and thighs.

4.       Ilfled Orthosis

·         A passive positioning device that holds  the hips in abduction but does not create significant hip flexion.

·         More effective as postoperative abduction device than DDH Brace

·         Two thigh cuffs attached to an adjustable cross bar.

·         A waist strp to maintain positioning


5.       Plastazote Hip Abduction Orthosis

·         Made up of plastazote

·         Light weight and easy to use