“Original” should be mature enough to start to see

            “Original” fairy
tales, like those recorded by the Brothers Grimm, often contain violence. Some
literary critics and child psychologists believe these tales are good for
children’s because they address children’s real fear, feelings, and desire.
Others argue that contemporary “sanitized” fairy tales still convey the main
themes of the tales and are far more appropriate for children. In my point of
view, “Sanitized” fairy tales are appropriate for small kids. Even though
violence is a use of physical force to injure people; if a small kid starts to
read the “Original” tales, it can build them physiology problems. Therefore,
all depends on the reader; for example, tales that contain violence it will not
harm children older than ten years old. I believe that at the age of ten,
children should be mature enough to start to see the real world. Hence, the
problem with violence is when it is used to challenge or scare the reader. I
chose two tales from The Classic Fairy tales book, “Hansel and Gretel”, and
“The Story of Grandmother”. Those two stories contain some violence but at the
same time are educative.


I believe that “Original” fairy tales that
involves violence are acceptable for a ten years old child. Child at that aged
are ready to understand, what’s the life like. Not only for young but also for
adults; in my experience, I enjoy reading those tale, when I’m reading and
recognize the language, it makes it more real. Most of the tales has a moral
lesson to learn, which it will help to children. For example, in the story of Hansel
and Gretel by Brothers
Grimm, the moral lesson is doing not take candy from a stranger. In the tale,
the boy and the girl were starving and were lost in the forest, so when they
found a house made of food, they rush to eat without permission once a women
came out she invite them inside to stay. One quote form the Tale is, “The old
woman had only pretended to be so friendly. She was really a wicked witch, who
lay in wait for children. She had built the little house of bread just to lure
them inside. As soon as a child was in her power, she killed it, cooked it, and
ate it” (Brothers Grimm 239). Kidnapping is a bad thing and that will happen in
some cases. Therefore, some violence has to be in order to aware the kid that
is reading the story what would happen if they are put in these situations so
that they know the possible outcomes. Another example form the story is, when
the Girl notice that the witch was planning to bake her and eat; but before the
witch make her to climb up to the oven, “Gretel gave her a big push that sent
her sprawling. Then she shut the iron door and bolted it” (Brothers Grimm pg.
241). This shows how Gretel was smarter than the witch. For those reason, if
violence is used in tales with a positively side to learn, then a ten years old
kid can enjoy.

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            Another story
tale that I chose is, “The Story of Grandmother” by Neil Gaiman, which is
related to the Red Riding hood. The moral lesson is to never give anyone
personal information. In the tale, there was a woman who told her daughter to
visit her grandmother with a loaf of hot bread and a bottle of milk. In her way
she was distracted by a wolf, even though the girls did not have idea how bad
the wolf was; she gave him information of her grandmother. A quote from the
book is, “The girl had fun picking up the needles. Meanwhile, the wolf arrived
at granny’s, killed her, put some of her flesh in the pantry and a bottle of
her blood on the shelf.” (Neil Gaiman pg. 15). This quote shows the
consequences that the girl could avoided by not telling any information of her
grandmother. Another example is when the girl notice what was happening, as soon
she discovers the wolf was not her grandmother and he killed her, and he
replace her by waiting on the bed to eat the girl, she run away to save her
life. In the tale it says, “When he realized that there was no answer, he
jumped out of bed and discovered that the little girl had escaped. He followed
her, but he reached her house only after she had gotten inside.” (Neil Gaiman pg.
16). This show how lucky she was of been alive, and knows about the wolf, and
has chance to tell her mother or father to kill the wolf. This tale contains a
very important lesson to kids that they can learn from which is; do not tell
any private information to any stranger. This lesson can help kids when they
are facing a similar situation.


            In conclusion,
contemporary “sanitized” fairy tales still convey the main themes of the tales
and are more appropriate for small kids. “Original” fairy tales, like those
recorded by the Brothers Grimm, often contain violence are appropriate for
young. At that age children have mature enough to understand the way of the
actual world. The Original fairy tales even though it contains violence it
continues having very important moral lessons to learn. some of the moral of
the story was do not take candy from a stranger. Or the moral of the Story of
Grandmother, to never give anyone personal information. These are all important
values and violence should be used to scare kids into thinking that the things
that have happened in the Brothers Grimm stories will happen to them in real
life. These stories can help reduce the violence in real life. Therefore, I
believe that there should be violence in literature order to tell a story with
a very important mora in literature to create positive influences in children’s