One of these made-in-Canada solutions because we believe that

One of the biggest ways that Chemistry has an impact on the economy would be that it employs many people, for example, Solar power employs more people than oil, coal and gas combined. Solar energy employed 374,000 people over the year 2015 2016, making up 43 percent of the sector’s workforce which tremendously improves the economy. As well as The installment of solar panels will decrease the homeowner’s electric bill drastically and allow the people more spending money which means an increase in a country’s economy. ┬áCanadian scientist agrees with solar energy reliance because it is affordable to Canadian citizens and its innovation is good for Canada’s economy helping employ many Canadians. Morgan solar one of the biggest manufacturers of solar technologies CEO Mike Andrade said “Our mission is to make solar energy ubiquitous by making it more efficient, less expensive and more attractive. The impact of SDTC’s investment is not only financial; it also provides validation of our progress toward these goals. We are pleased with the support of these made-in-Canada solutions because we believe that truly sustainable growth is both low-carbon and job creating.” ┬áPaul Wyman, Senior Scientist at DSM was asked about solar farms and the future of gas he answered “Large solar installations, I believe, will form a significant part of total energy generated in the future, and indeed this must be the case in order to fulfil global energy demand without an ever-increasing reliance on fossil fuels”. Some of the problems with solar energy would be the cost of the panels, total installation can cost around $40,000. Problems that occur with solar energy is the weather where if there is no sunlight powerful enough to power your solar panels and can be dramatically decreased. The PV cell manufacturing process includes a number of hazardous materials, most of which are used to clean and purify the semiconductor surface. These chemicals, similar to those used in the general semiconductor industry, include hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrogen fluoride. The Canadian government is very optimistic about transforming Canada into using only clean energy. The government of Canada has claims to invest around 10 million dollars towards the morgan solar company for solar energy development and other clean energy. But in recent updates showed no progress in the development of the solar energy and resulted from the cut of the solar energy budget. Although some fundings Morgan Solar Inc. announced $10 million in funding led by ArcTern Ventures, a venture capital fund developed in partnership with MaRS Discovery District. Solar Energy Technician; Solar energy techs install and repair systems that convert sunlight into electricity. Some techs also help design and manufacture solar energy systems. To be a solar energy technician you need basic education after having to obtain an engineering tech program at a university. Later have to apprentice with an electrician for 4-5 years but to become a solar engineer you have to obtain an engineering degree which takes 4-5 years as well that is when you can design and invent solar panels.


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