One music stems from folk music with its simple

One thing I genuinely enjoy doing when I have spare time is
cooking. I enjoy being in the kitchen for hours and one thing that is an essential
while I cook is music. I listen to all forms of music, so when I am in the kitchen,
you can catch everything from pop, country, rock, jazz, folk and classical
music. The most popular form of music played while I cook is jazz. Jazz music
is known for its improvisation and call-and-response patterns. The music of
Nina Simone, Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra consist of soothing rhythms and
melodies that relax me in the kitchen. When it comes to pop, country, rock and
dance music, all are suitable for the kitchen. All music in this category has recurring
lyrics with a powerful rhythm that has you singing along with the chorus before
the song is over. One of my favorite genres of songs is feel good Country Music.
A lot of country music stems from folk music with its simple forms, lyrics and harmonies.
A lot of country music uses string instruments such as acoustic guitars, steel
guitars, fiddles and harmonicas. Most of the music in popular culture consist
of upbeat pitches and tempos that harmonize with the sizzling of the food on my
stove. I would reserve classical forms of music for when I am actually platting
up my dishes. Classical forms of music like Serenade No. 13 by Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart, induce a wide range of sensations through different tempos and moods. I
feel that there can be fast measures to slow measures to dancelike measures to
bold fast measures when listening to certain classical pieces. Music can evoke
many emotions, but for me, the music in my above playlist prompts happy and
free feelings while I cook. The music is upbeat consisting of all different
forms of melodies. Plato stated that, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to
the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety
to life and to everything” (Top 10MusicQuotes). When I am in the kitchen
cooking, nothing else exists or matters and the music is what takes me there.