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Once upon a time, there lived a wise man. He was respected by everyone in the village. Many people came to him to seek advice and guidance. His views and opinion were highly regarded in the village. The wise man had a son. His son, however, was slothful and stubborn. He likes going out with his friends and spending his money on gambling. As time goes on, the wise man started to worry about his son’s future. He kept warning him about the dangers that would follow his bad behaviors. However, his father’s advice could not get to him. No amount of advice could change this stubborn young man.    As the years passed, the wise man grew old and weary. He knew that his persistent advice could not change his son of his bad behaviors. He wanted his son to find his true purpose in life. So one day, he called his son and said, “Son, I want you to realize that you are no longer a kid. I want you to learn to take on the responsibilities of life and find your true purpose in this world. Then will you have a life of happiness and joy.” He handed him a bag and a map and said, “I want you to travel to the place I have marked on the map, and find the treasure I hid. If you find it, the treasure will be all yours.” The son, of course, loved this idea. He packed his bag and headed out the next day.     Days went by, months came and went, and months rolled away. Along the way, the son made new friends, who were kind enough to provide him with food and shelter. However, he also came across people who tried to trick and rob him of his supplies. After one long year, he finally reached his destination. He started to dig around the area but he could not find the treasure. After three days of trying, he gave up and decided to head back home. “Someone must’ve found the treasure and took it before me,” he said. On his way back, the supplies he carried was finished and he needed to learn to build his shelter, hunt for food, and protect himself from any wild beasts. He even met the people who were nice to him in the beginning. He realized how kind they were to provide a stranger with food and shelter. So, he decided to stay a few days and help them with things.    After another year of traveling, the son had finally reached home. It has been two years since he had left this place. He went to his father’s house to find him lying in bed ill. He said to his father, “Father, I could not find the treasure you talked about. Someone must’ve found it before me and took it.” His father replied, “It was never about the treasure. The treasure wasn’t even there to begin with. But how was your journey?” Disappointed by his father’s reply, he said angrily, “It was horrible! I came across robbers, thieves, and wild beasts! I was also in a hurry. I was worried anyone would find the treasure before me. But I did learn a couple of things, I made many friends along the way who were kind enough to provide me with food and shelter. I even learned the art of survival. These things help me forget about not finding the treasure.” The father was relieved when he heard this. He replied, “Exactly! I want you to live a life with a goal. However, if you are too focused on this goal, you will miss out on the most important treasure in life, which is experiencing life and growing with it every single day.”     


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