On peace between Israel and the Palestine. Secretary of

On December 5th of 2018 President Donald Trump declared recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump also plans on moving the American Embassy there. This could potentially destroy his efforts to negotiate peace between Israel and the Palestine. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Defense Secretary James Mattis have the exact same thought as I do, we advocate against the decision made by President Trump. Arab and European leaders warned that formally recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would push Middle East peace talks further off track and because of President Trump’s decision this is exactly what is going to happen. Due to the decision that President Trump has released the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas responded by saying that Americans can no longer have “any role” in the peace process. In the year 1995 US Congress passed a Jerusalem Embassy act, it included a line recognising the city as Israel’s capital. In the beginning President Trump campaigned a promise to implement the act although he has been doing the same as previous Presidents by signing waivers to suspend it. This lead to happen President Trump missed two deadlines. The original deadline for the waiver was on Friday at midnight but later moved to Monday, and even then President Trump had a White House official make an announcement saying that no action would be taken that day either. The White House waited 48 hours of public warnings from allies and private phone calls between world leaders before releasing any of the information. Palestinians just like almost any other place also want Jerusalem to be the capital of any future homeland. They mention this because they believe they have a right to also give their thoughts on the situation because Palestinians were there historically. The international community – apart from the US – is united in saying recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is disastrous for any hopes of reviving meaningful talks. A situation like this one shows that the  status of Jerusalem is one of the pivotal issues that diplomats and peacemakers have said must be agreed between the two parties in negotiations. That was just a little part of the peace process.