On lives, Alcohol. To beat the system, he started

On January 17, 1899, the true definition of Menace to Society was born. In the 1920’s the prohibition of alcohol was the biggest up-roar for Americans. Al Capone, known as one of the greatest gangstars and mob kings to ever live made sure him and his people would have what they thought they needed in their everyday lives, Alcohol.  To beat the system, he started bootlegging alcohol. With the prohibition still in affect and him being the only source of alcohol, he then became a millionaire. As the money, power and fame came, he opened up to bigger things such as prostitution, and huge gambling scenes. If you know how gangs work, you would know that surrounded gangs would take offense of Capones actions. With Capone cheating the system and becoming practically a millionare from doing just about everything illegal besides breathing other gangs wanted what he had which brought brutal acts of violence. One of the most famous of these violent acts was the day he killed seven of his rivals, know as ‘The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929. The very first thing you may see when you look up Al Capone is “the biggest gangster to live”, but many people don’t know what Al did good. In 1929, one of the biggest tragedies to happen to America happened, The Great Depression. Stock Markets crashed, the economy sunk, and many people were left without jobs. With jobless people searching for work, food, shelter and other essentials, many people with higher in rank were selfish with their money and what they did with it… not Capone. Al Capone founded ‘Soup Kitchens’. Soup Kitchens are places where free food is given to those who are homeless, and with many jobless people, it was needed. Capone also started a program to that provided milk as nutrition to Chicago schools kids. It was needed to fight a disease called Rickets, which was a disease that softened ones bones. In Conclusion, Al Capone was a huge outlaw in the 1920’s, but considering the good things he did for his communities, he was considered a ‘Lovable Gangster’