On busy adults I somehow realized something important. Today

On the first day of school, that was the day that no one of us could forget. That day marks the beginning of each of us learning the path. This year I was in grade 8, got used to the atmosphere of school, but suddenly saw the first grade students holding their parents lead to school, made me more accustomed, anxious and recalled the memory the poetry of a toddler entering the school gate in my mother’s loving hand.This is the day I will never forget. It was a late morning, the sky was clear and bright yellow. The autumn in my hometown is special – autumn Central – not as cold as in the North or too hot as in the South. It is sweet and light. It is the time to make people remember. Is this the reason for autumn is the school season? How innocent imaginations with a child’s mood are about to face an important event. Actually, at that time, I did not feel much about the opening day and did not know what day it was, but seeing the busy, busy adults I somehow realized something important. Today I will be the one who took me to school. My countryside is not in the city, nor is it a place of riches, it is a countryside full of countryside and folk. On the way to school, I saw a lot of students and parents. I noticed every facial expression of anxiety on their faces, including the children often go out with me, with the thoughtful of adults like my mother. That made me understand more about the importance of this day, but also because that makes me even more bother. My soul is heavy but then lightly like the bright petals in the sunshine with the gentle breeze blowing through, soothing the mood of the mood.Oh, the other is the school, where I will be. I vaguely recognize it because it’s more spacious and spacious than any house I’ve ever seen. She rubbed my head gently and said, “My dear, my school, this is where I will cultivate my morality and knowledge.” Actually, my mood changed. Now I do not feel too scared anymore, but I do not know why my legs are still there. However, I still try to dance in the steps of my mother. After that, the school was clearly visible. In front of me was a huge school gate with inscrutable inscriptions. Around them are hundreds of other students along with how many moods, thoughts. You cling to your mother, the person is cranky. Suddenly crying behind me, I ran back face to face mother and also choking hard to describe. My tears had fallen to my throat. She comforted me with the sweet words, made me take courage to wipe tears and sweat, standing straight. At the same time, there was a teacher walking up to me. I looked at her and she said softly, “You let me in. It’s your class.” Her warm, sweet voice made me no longer scared. She gently took my hand and led me into the classroom. I followed her and sensed the fragrance of her long dress.She said: “My class is here. Suddenly there was a drum sound as I jerked myself to embrace the teacher. The teacher laughed, rubbing my head saying: “This is the drum school. Newspaper time has come to focus.” Well, that’s the drum field. Before, I still only hear the small drumbeat of the mid-autumn moon has heard the school drum ever. In the morning, the first time the drum rumbled into my heart – the drumming of the drumbeat, urging me to dance and my heart was anxious to cry. The first drum to go to school – who expected to be the source of the emotions that followed me throughout my academic life. Then we lined up in front of the yellow starred red flag. A teacher greeted the flag very loudly. We stood silent without singing because most of them did not know the song of the National Anthem. Later in the class, the first lesson the teacher taught the national anthem. We sing very passionate, singing magnanimous, very fast because the teacher told me later each time the flag salute we will sing under the flag and not stand still as today.