Official providers such as Eurotel, T-Mobile and Oskar; Internet

Official name: Czech RepublicFlag:       Demographics Population: 10.621,328 million (64% Czech, 26% unspecified, 5% Moravians, 3.2% unspecified, 1.4% Slovaks, 0.4% Poles,) Official Languages: Slovak, German, Polish, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Romani, Russian, Rusyn, Serbian, Ukrainian, Vietnamese Religion: Undeclared 44.7%, 34.5% irreligion, 10.5% roman catholicism, Believers 6.5%, Other Christian Churches 1.1%, Protestantism 1%, Others 0.7%Government President: Milos ZemanPrime Minister: Andrej BabisType of government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republicLegislature/Decision-making body: Parliament EconomicsMain Contributors: Exports, industry services, manufacturing, innovation, tourism, agriculture More Economically Developed CountryMajor Imports: Vehicles parts, Computers Main Trading Partners: European Union, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, United Kingdom, France, AustriaInfrastructureCommunications: Mobile phones as main mode of communication, with providers such as Eurotel, T-Mobile and Oskar; Internet service provided by several providers in Prague, including BroadNet and Casablanca INT.Transport: tram, bus, metro, ferry, cable carSanitation: clean water easily accessible CultureUnique Traits: Family at the centre of social structure, organic food sales growing Unique Foods: Guláš, Roast pork with dumplings and cabbageSports: Football, Ice hockey, volleyball, tennis, kickball Geography Location: Central EuropeImportant Neighbours: Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia Unique geography: exceedingly varied landscapes with flat and hilly land.Relevant points for Issue 1Commercial cultivation of GM crops is possible only with strict approval procedure on EU level.GM crops are considered by scientific and expert bodies, sanctioned by the Czech Ministry of AgricultureGM food has increased administration and written notification to authorities.Relevant points for Issue 2Czech Republic signed Council of EU treaty against organ trafficking.Czech Republic has cracked down on dead donor skin organ trafficking in operation Human of 2007.Resolution has been passed by Ministry of the Interior involving National Strategy against trafficking.