ocess staff is fully trained and experienced andare skilled

ocess for this assignment is a primary school business which aimsat providing value education to kids to develop their basic skills with specialized services andtechnology involvement to bring a complete impact on the overall development of kids. This is avery challenging business as its outcome is completely based on a qualitative perspective ofservices and hence it requires due care and involvement of all the working processes to bring thechange and make it a successful organization. This school is aimed at providing education to 3-5years kids by enriching their development in a safe and nurturing environment while indulging funactivities and entertainment into the overall system. The staff is fully trained and experienced andare skilled enough to handle technological devices and to provide value education to early learners.Service Catalogue InvolvementThe implementation of service catalog is a very vital step in transforming into a technologyoriented organization that provides the best services to its users and enables the organization toshift its focus from technology based environment to services based environment. In thisenvironment the technology is implemented in an order to provide best services and outcome tothe users to enable complete satisfaction and value education to kids. Therefore, to establish closerelationship between child and school as well as between parents and school these informationtechnology services plays a vital role in organization process. Although there are numerousservices that are technology related implemented in the school process like video monitoringthrough CCTV surveillance, safety alarms, smart classes by utilizing digital boards,communication through emails, messages, and by implementing other modes of communication.This catalog is aimed to address the needs of a broad spectrum of users including students, faculty,staff, parents, alumni, and donors.Therefore, this catalog enables the users to get everything of their desire with suitableequipment and gain access. The service definitions are clear to users and they can easily access theservices and avail improved communication and collaboration with schools.To enable Video monitoring, messaging and collaboration activity with parents, the schoolrequires Wi-Fi, LAN, Network monitoring, CCTV cameras, Video monitoring software and videoconferencing.Criticalities involved in IT ServicesIn order to establish the effective implementation of information technology based service,it is important to first analyze the criticality involved in service. The expenditure involved in itsimplementation is an important critical factor that need to be analyzed with due attention as thebest service implementation always avail high cost which in the future might become a constraintin future to carry its operations. The identification of suitable IT support system is also a criticalfactor for its decision making as it is a vital business function and hence its effective businessfunctioning is required for attaining user satisfaction. Therefore, once the vital business functionis analyzed the design for the service to ensure the required availability can easily be commenced.Therefore to avoid these criticality involved in the service catalog the business should firstestimate the target users and the benefits they desire from these and how these benefits,servicesand how these benefits help business to grow is then estimated to figure out the actual need orrequirement of the service to business. First the need and benefit is analyzed the next step involvedis to access the actual cost involved in its implementation and what are the ways or the optionsavailable for implementing those services in order to figure out the best and effective choice thatprovide effective implementation of service in a business model.After selecting the desired service provider and selected choice of service the next step isto ascertain that the devices and software required for its implementation are easily available andcan be easily accessible by the users without facing any problem. This will bring a sense ofconfidence and trust among the system that the operation of the service will provide fruitfulutilization to business and will provide a different and innovative outlook for satisfying itscustomers. Therefore, as in our organization the best activity is to monitor the child performanceand activity by connecting with the CCTV surveillance, access provided by the school to parentsin order to have a close watch over child and to enable safety and security concern to parents thattheir children are secure in our premises. This helps parents to build trust on school and can satisfytheir eager by personally noticing what their child is doing in school and to have better interactionand connectivity with teachers while noticing their wards behavior and attitude with other students.ConclusionITIL services are no doubt beneficial for the school in order to establish a closeconnectivity, coordination and collaboration of school, parents and with students by enablingvarious technological services that helped the school to perform various activities that act as abridge to facilitate effective communication. Therefore the school needs to analyze theeffectiveness of the system and select best available choices according to the relevancy, budgetand other parameters of selection to have effective implementation of services in school that helpin building strong trust connection with parents and hence result in more admissions and increasedprofits.