Numerous with such easy access, comes numerous restrictions on

Numerous debates
have been going on in the healthcare world about immunizations. Whether
positive or negative, vaccinations have continued to be administered to children
as early as two months and as late as sixty-five. I firmly believe that immunizations
have shown to be effective against certain disease and has even created herd
immunity for people who refuse to receive vaccinations.

these vaccines which may be inactivated, toxoids, and live-attenuated were administered
to the general public by a physician. This means that, an appointment must have
been made in order to receive vaccinations. However, with easy access to
pharmacist in retail settings, pharmacist have been allowed to take up this
traditional role. Due to this easy access people have to pharmacist,
immunization is administered on a walk-in basis. However, with such easy
access, comes numerous restrictions on who and when these vaccines can be given
out. For example, each state has a minimum age and list of vaccines pharmacist
can administer. This law helps protect minors, elderly and sick patients from
risk that may be obtained after the vaccination is administered.                                                                                                                      Upon taking this class,
I was aware of the fact that pharmacist and student pharmacist had the ability
to administer certain vaccines. However, I never fully understood the
background knowledge that must be taken into account about each and every
vaccine and patient. For instance, numerous emphasis in class was placed on
maintaining permanent records, storing, preparing and the risk associated with
various immunizations This must all be known before a vaccine is dispensed.

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pharmacist have the ability to screen patients for diseases. With such a
powerful duty, numerous fatal disease can be prevented. Such test includes;
blood pressure, blood glucose and A1C. The test can reduce the risk diabetes,
hypertension and even heart diseases. The key note to keep in mind when
performing these preventive test, is that pharmacist can only recommend these
test to patients and not perform them. It is then the responsibility of the
patient to discuss with his/her physician about further treatment. This
responsibility also allows puts pharmacist as a key provider in public health.
This is because pharmacist can also recommend health services offered in
communities to patients.

            In conclusion, pharmacist play a key
role in reducing and educating people on different diseases by providing
immunizations and wellness services to the general public. By playing a key
role in public health, I firmly believe that all 50 states will allow
pharmacist to administer immunizations and even prescribe birth control in the
nearest future.