Nowadays, related to a lack of physical activity. Physical

Nowadays, the fact is that children and
adolescents are under the influence of overweight and obesity. The increased
weight and obesity levels in children and adolescents due to lack of nutrition
and physical activity. The world health organization predicts overweight and
obesity the fifth leading risk for global deaths. (WHO 2002).A recent European
report, which covers 36 countries, shows that the prevalence of overweight
(including obesity) in adolescents ranges from 5% to more than 25%, demonstrating
that the higher prevalence of obesity was found in Malta (30% for boys and 25%
for girls) and lowest in the Nederland’s(5% for boys and 7% for girls). In
Portugal, its prevalence is estimated at 25% for boys and 23% for girls. (WHO
2009). Nutrition and the physical activity are needed to prevent chronic
diseases. Physical activity simply means movement of our body which used energy
like walking, running, cycling, playing games (like football, volleyball,
tennis etc.). Regularly moderate physical activity provides good benefits for
health. Because the physical activity can reduce the risks of diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases, depression and many other diseases (Booth, Gordon,
Carlson and Hamilton, 2000; Hennessy, Hughes, Goldberg, Hyatt and Economos,
2010). Physical activity is natural requirements of the body and also helps to
control weight. We live in an automated world where most of the activities that
used to require difficult physical exertion can be accomplished by
machines with simple pull of a handle or push of a button. Children and youth spent
most of their time to playing games on computers, smart phones, they also
watching TV and using internet. These modern activities help to increasing the
chronic diseases (hypertension, heart disease, low back pain and obesity) which
are related to a lack of physical activity. Physical Fitness is the
quality or state of being fit or physical fitness is a state of health
and well being and the ability to do work like sports, exercise, occupation and
daily activities. “Physical fitness is ability to do daily work with alertness,
without being unduly tired and to meet emergency situations” (H. Harrison
Clarke, 1989). The fitness is achieved with the help of proper nutrition,
physical activity and the sufficient rest. Good nutrition has a very close
relationship to overall health and well-being of the human body. Good nutrition
is synonymous with maintenance of healthy body. Intake of proper nutrition
guarantees supply of all essential nutrients for normal tissue growth and their
repair and maintenance. It is essential to strike a balance between quality and
quantity of food and it should be ensured that the food comprises off all
essential nutrients ( carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and
water) required by the human body so as to carry out various activities
efficiently and also sustain life.