Nowadays a decent definition, if somewhat oversimplified. On the

everyone using social media more than half of the world population using social
network sites. People using social media sharing their personal experience
regarding travelling , airline and hotels. After posting on social media people
getting instant responses whether its positive or negative.People share their
own experiences.Social customer service is becoming a new and critical channel
to drive positive reaction and satisfaction. 


Far more than a place to connect with friends and family, social media
also provides a platform for potential and existing customers to reach out to
brands and seek help when they have queries, issues or concerns. Customer
experience management company, Market Force, explains:

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“The emergence of social
media has given consumers a whole new way to interact with the brands they love?—?and a forum to complain
when brands disappoint. But what many companies have learned is just how
powerful connecting one-on-one with customers can be when those consumers take
the time to post.”

In other words, if a customer makes
the effort to contact you by means of social media, they expect a response.
Treat them well, and you’ll have their loyalty. If you ignore them, or treat
them badly, you may find yourself dealing with a PR crisis.



Inbound marketing
focuses on creating quality content that pulls people toward your company and
product, where they naturally want to be. By aligning the content you publish
with your customer’s interests, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you
can then convert, close, and delight over time.” This is a decent definition, if
somewhat oversimplified.

On the other hand, In
digital world, the key marketing point is that customers can find you.
 For this you will need to develop a help users share reviews, comments,
stories .  You can create the blog, attractive videos,Televison
Advertisement, e-newsletters or other forms of content marketing.  Of
course, strive to create your own original content that would keep existing
customers and attract new ones.

 There are myraids of tools out there that will
help you analyze and understand your customers behaviours. One of the famous
quote “Customer is always right” ,
Every business should understand the need and behaviour of customer that will
be the one of the best tactics of every business.





Search Engine Optimization
is one the best and powerful tool for online marketers and online business. It
makes companies work more easier . As we know internet is providing so many
benefit to our business partners and customers. Besically SEO Give travellers
information they are searching for at every stage of the travel planning,
instead of getting attention of a search engine.  Search engines regularly
update their algorithms to show more genuine results. For example, Google
gives priority to sites with innovative, high-quality content, attractive
design, relevant inbound links and a strong social media presence.
 Important to focus on a bigger picture and try to optimise your travel
site to get the maximum targeted traffic.




According to business
point of view , If we talk about SEA (Search Engine Advertising) its also one
of the best method of advertising in the world.It may not bring the highest
quality  of tourist leads but it drives a
lot of traffic on blogs and websites which can enhance the business of Tourism
Sector.We can not neglect the SEA to attract the tourists.


2.6.     MOBILE APPS:

Mobile Apps one of the best marketing tool for tourism industry, Nowadays
every hotel , Airline , and Resturent using Mobile Apps to attract their
customers and provide them cheapest and better facility. If we talk about
Airlines, at the moment RYAN AIR and WIZZ AIR one of the best and cheap airline
around the Europe and they have many attractive opportunities for customers
because they are also providing Mobile Apps to their customers. On other hand Marketing
experts have realised that to give customers a full mobile experience, they
need to combine applications and sites. Mobile Apps makes user life more easy
now they can access everything on their mobile with the help of Internet.


3.1      OVERVIEW:

          To review, the aim of this seminar paper is to examine the
travellers/tourists perception on the measurement techniques for social media
inflences on the tourism industry. The first part of the research consist on
Literaure Review all information taken from (reports , research , conference
reports , text books , university dissertations) concerning the social media

Firstly , the main aim of
this research to understand the needs and perception of travellers, which
analyze by semi structure interviews and qualitative research based on online
communication channels, in the second part of the research to collect the data
of users to examine the needs and experience during travelling. The goals of
qualitative research  are to discover new
ideas, ways of thinking, feelings, relationships between events and predictions
of different hidden psychological or social processes.



an opinion based research method generally it involve designing an experiment
and collecting quantitative data. This aproach is suitable for my research
that’s why I am using Qustionnaires. It is an effective way of quantifying data from a sample
group, and testing preferences. This is best method to understand the needs and
experiences of individual, and gives an element of scale to opinion.
Quantitative data is the basis of the questionnaires to analyze and form a
calculative result.


Before receiving
the questionnaires form, I have gone through profound literature review to
gather all the important factors that could help me in clearing my views on
different factors that affect our topic.After literature review, I began to
fill out questionnaires forms that took about two weeks depending upon the
availability of the respondents. After collecting the questionnaires form, an
in depth analysis was done of the collected data to form some effective


3.3      SURVEY


The survey of
this research is of 28 people. It consists of 5 questions. First,
the candidates is asked to describe himself/herself, some words about previous
travelling experience. Then the candidate is asked to highlight the benefits of
social media as well as describe the problems during travelling they faced.These people are from different cultures,
background, preferences and profession, The questions enquire about the
kind of social media channels using, and which groups are the primary targets
through these channels. The candidates are given some options to choose one. All
results are collected and analyzed in the Statical Analysis Chart of this
research. The ideas gathered from the candidates and question are compiled into
detail chart.

of respondent which gathered through questionnaires.