New the SIS. The counter-terrorism capabilities of the Police

New Zealand has experienced few terrorist incidents in its short history and the threat is generally regarded as low. However, the Security Intelligence Service (SIS) has warned against complacency. The SIS stated in its 2006 report that “the risk of a terrorist attack on New Zealand or New Zealand interests is low”, but also warned against complacency.The principal government agencies responsible for countering the threat of terrorism are the New Zealand police and the SIS. The counter-terrorism capabilities of the Police have been expanded in response to the 11 September attacks in the United States, ‘Cooperation across such areas as policing, border control, and aviation security will be increasingly important.’ – Murray McCully, Minister of Foreign Affairs, 11 May 2016.”Since the last review, the Security Council, General Assembly and other relevant bodies, including the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum, have taken significant steps. These steps include suppressing of terrorism financing, countering terrorist narratives and addressing the evolving threat posed by foreign terrorist fighters.” – Phillip Taula Deputy Permanent Representative of New Zealand to the United Nations, 1 July 2016.New Zealand strongly supports the Secretary-General’s Plan of Action to Prevent Violent Extremism. One of the Secretary-General’s clear messages is that we need to work with youth and communities to effectively address the factors that give rise to violent extremism. For New Zealand, engagement with local communities is a key pillar of our approach.New Zealand strongly supports the four pillars of the UN Counter Terrorism Strategy: addressing the conditions that spread terrorism; preventing and combating terrorism; counter terrorism capacity building and respecting human rights and the rule of law.New Zealand continues to play an active role in providing support to our partners, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region, to meet their 1540 obligations. This includes joint assistance activities, often in partnership with relevant international and regional bodies.According to the last 10 years terroristic activity in New Zealand, our government does not seek any critical changes in counter-terroristic policies, since the stability in national security is currently on its highest level. However, New Zealand is ready to support any counter terroristic actions, in order to save the peace in whole world.