Net States Government which controls and regulates the use

           Net Neutrality is a big issue with the FCC so why should you care.Net Neutrality is the                                    privacy and allowance for equal use of the Net for all types of people no faster no slower.The Net is what controls our life today.As my research i have found that the Laws were created in 2009 by the Obama administration.The FCC have voted to repeal it and it was replaced and people protested the repal.In my research i found a lot of countries that does not support it like Kuwait and some like the UK do support it which is fascinating and explain how the use of our internet is controlled by large companies like Zain,Ooredoo and Viva.The FCC wants to remove what makes the Net Neutrality which is what makes the internet equalWhat is the FCC The Federal Communication Commission is an agency by the United States Government which controls and regulates the use of the Cables,Tv,Radio and Satellite To help you understand what is Net Neutrality i will explain every process in the United States.The net you used before 2009 was controlled by large companies which can edit the speed of the our internet.The problem here is they can limit our use for large bandwidth website and block it until we pay more like i use Youtube which consume 2GB but Instagram uses 5GBThen they block instagram until i pay more so it will load faster.Sometimes websites like Facebook pay the FCC million of dollars to allow the use of Facebook faster.The negative side effect of it all is that the use of the companies need to increase the subscription fees and prices to pay for the losses on the FCC.In the end it doesn’t help us or help the Large and mostly small business it just benefit the government and the FCC.I think i am interested in the situation in the United States.Is because it has a big influence around the world and as we know the world just copies.So i think that this issue might get attention from other internet providers which might think it’s ok and its a great way to earn more money.On the other side there are no laws in half of the countries including Kuwait that have restriction to this matter which we are blessed that we are not given fees for random stuff. As the world develops it will push our future missions back. Due to not enough people having enternet.As if the impacted could change the world is by people stop using and buying internet from carriers because they are poor and lose connection to family.It also create a harder way to get startups and business which might suffer the most because of it for example a startup for creating apps is 100$ per app but when the internet plans increased by the provider he had to double the price to 200$. And there are not battlers and group to protect it The Internet Association, whose more than 40 members include companies like Google and Amazon, urged the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday to delay a vote to repeal a 2015 order banning internet providers from blocking or throttling online contentThe FCC is expected to vote on December 14 to scrap the history of Obama 2015 rules approved during the Obama administration to ensure a free and open internet. The proposal is led by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai he is a Republican. There is now ongoing legal battles against the FCC which will oppose the net neutrality.But also the Congress said the FCC should delay it due to new revales of corruption.Also it concerns privacy and our way of ordering the taxes will increase over orders from American Online Store Like Amazon and EBay .I am against it is because its might increase prices on online deals also network is new. As i moved around class asking my fellow classmates on the research and if they are with or against net restrestion in Kuwait , ten of them said no and three said yes as they wanted restoration the people who said no said no due to their trust with the government of kuwait they trusted that the kuwait government and internet providers will work well and make it legal and fair also kuwait companies holders.I think the benefit of it  is that Trump supported it because of Obama name or he would care it was repealed or anything now companies are decreasing there bandwidth and the way they operate also some internet providers started adding terms and conditions to the deals they make so it will still stay the same the advance replace.Law might help it and they United States Of America Congress might fight back and the people and citizens of the United States are protesting same as other countries like France,Great Britain had came our in support of the people.The FCC net neutrality laws are based on a law which was created by the Obama administration which helps make the internet providers transparent.The FCC notice the impact it would of have to the privacy of the american people and human rights the companies might collect data from the people and sell it to larger companies which will make our information vulnerable.On the other hands companies are not governments which means they don’t have good protection for their files which means if they have our information .What we browse and how we use the internet we might get exploited in the public and living life that you think is private but your not you are all around the sites. Advertisers will use your information to show you ads that are private for you.For instance you are googling How to cook a Pie you gotta amazon and you will find in your suggestions Eggs and Cooking Powder which means they know what you want to the smallest details.  Comcast Companies Are Paying the FCC Elected Leaders To Vote For It and it and some of my research had found out how people supported the Net Neutrality in  my class.This Chart Shows how my class reacted and some of the knowlge they had about the issue as i asked them some didnt know why should they care and the other were oblivious to the fact that the United States Of America even had the laws in the first place which made me research the hisotory of net neutrality.The history of the Federal Communication Commission was created and established on June 19 1934 to replace the long ago Federal Radio History.The FCC is an independent government agency which is responsible for regulating radios,televisions,phones and internet industries. The FCC regulate wires satellite and cable and international communitiocation terminating in the United States Of America.Supporters of The net neutrality has argued that the rules that the internet providers  will be able to control traffic is in an all kind of an anti competitive ways.Many internet providers now own their very own content companies for example comcast streaming service and they might seek their very own advantages of their own content to get more people to watch it and use it and making it the only choice for people to have and the best one and they might even edit it.In the early days of Netflix you can stream your phone carriers movie service inside of anything and if it stayed it might not have transformed TV and Movie companies it turned into today.As the FCC votes one Democrat called the FCC commission rash decision and puts the FCC on the wrong side of history and the wrong side of law and the american people who believed in it.This gives internet providers a green light to destroy the way we use the internet and even publicize it and destroy the freedom it had.It also discriminate against small businesses who are trying to rise up.On The Poll That was commissioned in the United State Citizens to show who supported and against.The agency is a big deal in the United States and us a worthy subject of study for anyone who cares on the technology and wireless world. It was the agency regulates interstate and international communication on behalf of the United States the FCC has a long history mostly with radios television and telecommunications industries.