Nermeen this is some of the city’s economy: Professional,

Nermeen Al Omari


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The Rose City

The Introduction

Near Los Angeles city, there is a city called
The Rose City. It is 300 years old, and now 400 000 people live in it. Most of
the problems are being solved, but the city’s central question is how a city
can truly be sustainable and resilient in a changing and increasingly
globalized world. One of the ways is to make the city a smart city, which is
using technology. 


A Closer Look

Near the Rose City, there is The Pacific Ocean.
The Rose City has a Mediterranean climate with nearly no rain in summer. In
August, the average high temperatures are 29 degrees Celsius and lows of 18
degrees Celsius. Winters are mild, with average high temperatures of 20° C and
lows of 9°C with some occasional rain. The year-round warm weather makes it the
perfect city to visit any time of year.

This city is now getting advanced
in technology, automation and AI. However, there are normal jobs that are found
in every country. Moreover, this is some of the city’s economy:

 Professional, scientific,
technical services  




  Health care and
social assistance  


  Arts, entertainment,


  Accommodation, food





For transportation, to reduce the
number of cars, buses and trains will be used. This city is also working on
making a train. In this train, wagons can detach dynamically while you are
moving and become express, driverless buses that move on a secondary road
network. For pollution and energy, pollutive coal factories are being replaced
with renewable energy. (Solar, wind, water)

Everybody must be educated. For
healthcare, smart healthcare solutions are used for our smart city. Smart
healthcare solutions are the use of digital and mobile technology, which is
creating smart healthcare solutions for people residing in urban centers. The
IOT revolution which has spread itself in energy, transport, security and
infrastructure segment will have sweeping results in health care. A unified
healthcare system, collecting and sharing of data, analysis and research
practices will usher a new era in tackling modern day health problems. For
elderly people, we are building houses that work with technology, so it helps
them remember things if they forgot and do every day work for them. It is also
protected, so they would feel safe.

In the city, the average age is
35 years old. The lifespan is 70 years old, and a senior citizen is an elderly
person that must be respected.

The city is mostly clean,
buildings are high, and streets are wide. It is a green life. There are also
public parks, playgrounds, fun activities with all the people, less cars, less
pollution, museums, gardens, zoos, restaurants, walking paths, cafes, concert
halls, beautiful sights, history that you can see in every street and every
museum, schools, hospitals and theatres. There is a real sense of community.


Define the Problem

Senior citizens face a lot of
problems because this is the nature of getting old. As we get older, we hope
that our lives will become easier. We anticipate retirement as the time in our
lives when we can finally relax. While the golden years can be some of the best
years of our life, there are always concerns. Senior citizens have challenges
to overcome that are universal to all ages as well as some issues that are
specific to their age group. Some of the problems they face are health care
costs, diseases, physical aging, physical assistance, financial security,
loneliness, financial predators, abuse or neglect, transportation and changing
social climate.

The Rose city decided to focus on
the lack of social cohesion. Social cohesion is a means that enables citizens
to live in societies where they enjoy a sense of belonging and trust. The
inference is that the absence of social cohesion may result in instability.

The neighborhood social
environment has been identified as an important aspect of older people’s
well-being. Poor neighborhood conditions can pose difficulties in obtaining support,
especially for older people who live alone. Although social environments have
been found to be related to well-being among older people, the longitudinal
relationship between the social environment and well-being remains poorly

city decided to focus on it because not many cities focus on the lack of
cohesion. It is also related to the city’s central question, which was how a
city can truly be sustainable and resilient in a changing and increasingly
globalized world. It is important to make the senior citizens feel they belong
and trust their community. We should care about elderly people as much as

For the analysis, social cohesion is built
around three key values:  social
inclusion, social capital and social mobility. Social inclusion refers to the
degree to which all citizens can participate on equal footing in the economic,
social and political life, including whether people are protected in times of
need. Social capital refers to trust between people and in institutions and the
sense of belonging to a society. Social mobility refers to equality of
opportunity to get ahead.


Describe the Solutions

When people think about social
cohesion they tend to focus on people getting along (liking and agreeing with
each other). In fact, it’s important to think about socially cohesive
communities as societies where people respect each other even if they disagree,
and where they can disagree without feeling unsafe and disrespected.

Safe disagreement is especially
important when it comes to marginalized groups because there’s always a degree
of positive social conflict that’s needed to make sure that disadvantaged
groups can voice their grievances and allow change to occur.

We should focus on communities
not on individuals or one group. We shouldn’t only focus on children,
everything is for everyone.

Respecting an elderly person
would make him feel safe and feel that he belongs. Respecting others creates an
age friendly city. We should make them feel that they are still young and they are
part of the community. We should make for them activities and take care of

Rose City thought about the lack of social cohesion, and the first solution was
to build a smart city. A smart city is a leverage technology to serve people.
Smart cities are built around users. They start with an information network
designed to optimize resources, and thereby promote sound, sustainable
developments. A smart city is also making cities more livable and alive.
Connected streets are the core of smart cities. For example, if each
streetlight can send and gather information. Then these smart, connected
streetlights open many possibilities. If someone is going to work at 7am,
standby lighting switches on when he walks by. There are also other sensors,
such as weather sensors, air pollution sensors and noise sensors.

for senior citizens, engineers will build smart houses that are full of sensors
to help them. For example, a “smart” pill
bottle that can sense when it hasn’t been opened and send a reminder to a
senior citizen to take his medication. This makes them trust the place they are
in and become independent.

The second solution is making
more activities for elderly people, so they become more active. Also, children
give energy to senior citizens, and when they are together, they help each
other to become more independent. They teach each other new things, and
children would make senior citizens have a young heart. Seniors will also teach
children how to listen to others, help them and respect them. Moreover, some of
the activities in this solution use technology to make things easier for senior
citizens. Therefore, it requires engineering.  

may be a while before this insightful concept of gaming grandparents catches
on, but in the meantime, technology can be implemented along with other fun and
challenging activities that include the surrounding community.

activities seniors like the best are the ones that promote connectivity with
other residents and their surrounding community. Any activities that aim to
help a senior feel less isolated is the best to have.

the first solution might cost a lot of money, and the second might not work
with all senior citizens. We might have to use other ways, so while the city is
becoming a smart city, engineers will build a center for senior citizens that
teaches them how to use technology for free. This center will also make them
meet other senior citizens, so they would have a sense of belonging and feel


Moreover, The Rose City made
these choices because they solve more than one problem, and not only for
elderly people. It also makes them more independent and active.

Conclusion: The Impact of The Age-Friendly City

Overall, a cohesive society is one where people
are protected against life risks, trust their neighbors and the institutions of
the state and can work towards a better future for themselves and their
families. Fostering social cohesion is about striving for greater inclusiveness,
more civic participation and creating opportunities for upward mobility. It is
the glue that holds society together.