Nell a human’s identity results from external social interactions

Nell shows may different concepts according to sociology. Feral children are children who have lived isolated from human contact from a very young age. They have little or no experience of human care, behavior, or human language. Nell is a feral child, who has lived her whole life with her mother in an isolated cabin in North Carolina. When children are not exposed to human conversation and language they will often create their own language like Nell did. The movie showed the struggles that an isolated child faces once exposed to the world. Nell is slowly introduced to the world aiding her in become more of a true human being. Social isolation is when someone is in a state of complete or almost complete lack of contact between a human and society. It’s different from loneliness in the sense that social isolation is forever lasting or very long lasting. Again Nell shows the effects that social isolation can have on a child. Effects of social isolation may differ from different age groups. Her mother’s attempts to keep her isolated from the world caused major detrimental growing and learning delays. George Mead explains that a human’s identity results from external social interactions and internal feelings of oneself. The image of self becomes clear over time through language, play, and games. When creating herself when in the sheltered cabin with her sister, they interacted as much as possible and worked together to create a language. Nell has her own view of the world and a drastically different way of life from normal human beings. When the doctors try to interact with Nell they face difficulties because her self image and image of other is no where near theirs. Socialization is mixing someone into social aspects of human interaction. When the doctors find Nell they study her and try to slowly socialize her into a society. The doctors eventually realize that their decision of what was socially correct for her was not actually what was right for her to be herself. They tried to change her to be acceptable in society but since she was being forced into something so unknwn she wasn’t satisfied or happy. They struggled on understanding what was best for Nell and who/what she was. Social interactions are any exchange between a couple or more individuals. These interactions with others design rules, institutions and systems which we live in. Nell used defense mechanism to keep herself safe. She withdrew from the doctors and tried to fight against what the psychologist was trying to do. The doctors are attempting to communicate with her at her level and trying to interact socially. The doctors eventually learned how to move past these defense mechanisms and showed her that she’d be safe and that they were supportive. Culture is a particular society that has their own set of beliefs, morals, ways of living life, food, language, celebrations etc. Nell had her own culture and so did the doctors. When someone moves from places to place they often suffer from a culture shock. The culture they have moved into is far different from the culture they have been accustomed to. When Nell is put into the doctor’s culture she expireces a culture shock. The doctors are amazed by Nell’s personal culture or way of life. Neeson taught Nell that she shouldn’t be afraid of the sunlight and uses popcorn as a reward. Nell is also taught that she shouldn’t be afraid of men when Neeson makes her get into the water naked. The culture of Neeson is slowly being taught to Nell. When someone shows deviant behavior they are not conforming to social norms and value seither involuntarily or voultarlily. Nell never endured punishment or exposure to what is right and wrong. Nell is not aware of what be said to be deviant behavior. People react amazed to Nell’s deviant behavior. They are also beside themselves that someone could ever be raised and act as Nell does. Social status is where a person stands in importance relating to others around them. Nell is not of high social status in that she isn’t seen as valuable of a worker or student by others. When she is taken in public to grocery shop she’s begins to see the different class and groups of people. When she rides into town she also sees the different ways of transportation that give her an insight into social status. People are quick to judge Nell and the way she interacts effecting her social status.