NCCIH over the matter. These websites would provide me

NCCIH Assignment


            The herb I chose to review was
lavender. Lavender is an herb that is often used as an essential oil to help
with relaxation, anxiousness, headaches, and countless other things. This oil
is often in many lotions, perfumes, and car fresheners as a scent. I chose to
review this herb because I am a fan of essential oils and have heard of the
benefit lavender oil has when you diffuse it and use it topically. Prior to
reading the summary of lavender, I thought it was a great oil to use to help
calm yourself and relax. I also thought that it worked for helping with
headaches and came from lavender plants. After reading the summary over
lavender, I have mostly the same thoughts with more knowledge behind the how
and why. I also have more information about the safety of using lavender in many
circumstances and situations, which I did not have prior knowledge on.

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            Lavender has very little scientific
evidence that support the effectiveness of the claimed benefits. Most of the
studies that have been conducted have shown mixed results in regard to how it
helps and if it helps with different health uses. Some of the side effects I
learned while reading about lavender is may be poisonous if it is taken by
mouth. Another side effect I learned that I found interesting is that using
lavender topically may affect sex hormone activity. There were also some side
effects I already knew such as skin irritation. If I wanted to continue my
research over the herb lavender some websites I would use are websites that end
in. Edu, or .gov. I know websites ending in these are credible websites and
have accurate scholarly essays over the matter. These websites would provide me
with accurate information regarding the herb. Overall, I found this website
very useful and I definitely could see myself using this website in the future.
As someone who does diffuse oils, I will use this website to look up different
herbs that I might use topically or diffuse in the air. This website would
provide me with the benefits and side effects of the use of this oil.