MYP part time staff are often seen snacking on

MYP Business StudiesMotivation Case StudyYou are the manager of a successful restaurant and bar in an area popular with tourists in Singapore.  You have also heard that there have been customer complaints about the attitude of some of your customer service staff. This has led to some negative online reviews which you are worried may impact your reputation and sales in a very competitive market.You have a wide range of staff at the restaurant. The total number of staff is 18. Four staff are full time and the rest are part time. Two of the full time staff have worked at the restaurant for 7 years while two others only joined in the last year after taking early retirement from their previous jobs.The part time staff are a mixture of students, working parents and recent immigrants to Singapore some of whom have limited English language skills. Each year approximately 50% of the part time staff leave the restaurant. Some of the part time staff are often seen snacking on the food. Some have also been seen smoking close to the food preparation area.- Introduction~ restaurant owners are faced many different types of obstacles and problems being a restaurant owner, but solving the problems are very hard to do ., the owner of a popular restaurant has gotten many negative feedback to the restaurant. The restaurants bad review said that they get have given poor service and  they have seen some workers eating  some of the customers food and also smoking near the kitchen.The main issue is that the restaurant owner could be losing a lot of customers in the over time if the restaurant keeps on getting bad reviews online it could have a effect effect on the sales and customers But the restaurant owner can help the business from having no customers by motivating the restaurants staff – 3 possible solutions~ The restaurant owner could enhance the workforce by First rising the monthly salary for the employees this implies as workers get paid higher the more dependable they will be to work harder than they use to some time recently. Laborers will be glad as the installment of their compensation is higher than some time recently, they would have more excitement and push to work better and the organization would have higher measurement. Salary as well as elevating the specialists to a superior position in fill in as they could put more exertion and rise better consideration for the activity. For instance the server could be elevated to clerk or deals administration as the representative would be cheerful and be propelled. Second conceivably set up a decent manage and security for the shop for instance, smoking is entirely precluded by nourishment arrangements zone so clients can get the best taste of the sustenance. smoking is permitted outside in the back hall of the shop for instance.Ç, tell representatives that telephones are precluded amid work time in light of the fact that for instance, if a client needs assistance and the staff is on their cell phones, this can prompt further negative audits to the eatery so the chief should guidance this so the eatery can maintain a strategic distance from these negatives survey. They could have a certain time to smoke and outside the restaurantThird is basically give the employees better and appropriate preparing so the absence of understand  between the client and the laborers won’t have any issues and in addition lesser negative audits. Part clocks ought to likewise have a little session amid the day for trouble english speakers to educate and learn them essential english suitable to use in the eatery keeping in mind the end goal to speak with the client so then the client wouldn’t get befuddled what the staff is endeavoring to state to them. Not just appropriate instructional courses, and additionally scaled down breaks between the working hours for the staff to get free gave sustenance from the eatery to them so at that point no nibbling would occur soon to clients nourishment.One of my recommendations of an answer established connects to a motivational scholar and his name is Maslow. Maslow hypothesis was to separate his Hierarchy of requirements into a pyramid and rundown down the minimum key to most key approaches to inspire staff/workers in a business. From the photo underneath, it demonstrates that physiological needs, for example, nourishment, water comes last. At that point comes the wellbeing and security so than representatives will feel that they are working in a sheltered domain and not some place unsafe. Presently these means gets more critical for inspiration for specialists as companions and love are spreaded all through work as laborers can have companions to convey and share love and could enhance motivational for the specialists.Link to motivational theorist~ ideal approach to rouse a laborer is Self completion which is being elevated to a higher position in the activity and have maximum capacity of the capacity to work the hardest which this identifies with one of my answers on understanding this case for the eateries deals and development. My propose connects to this hypothesis with regards to the way that I’ve expressed that one of my recommend that the representatives in the eatery very and right off the bat ought to be advanced or have a higher measure of compensation as they would exceedingly suspect to do their work increasingly and get the eatery’s business ascending as this identifies with Maslow’s chain of importance needs as advancement and pay is positioned the best in his hypothesis too. My hypothesis propose connections to Maslow’s hypothesis and in addition this can enable the business to develop for the eatery as the representatives are fulfilled for their necessities by working in the eatery.- Evaluation of your 3 solutions~The effect on the specialists from my 3 arrangements has turned out in different of various ways, some are prompt effect and some are long haul affect. My first arrangement which is paying specialists higher and advancing them which inspires them to accomplish more work could be a long haul impact for the eatery and the representatives in light of the fact that since the administrator will pay a decent sum for the laborers and advancing them influences the laborers to work harder and put more exertion into their work could possibly rise the eatery’s deals and get positive clients and audits. The fleeting effect would be that in my second arrangement which is smoking is disallowed in the eatery and just permit outside could be a short effect, because of laborers future approaching conduct, some could ignore the govern if chief isn’t anywhere near and smoke inside the eatery which may make negative surveys from client show up once more. The low maintenance specialists will probably do as such for this conduct since they low maintenance work in the eatery and don’t have loads of involvement in eatery rules and so forth. My third arrangement which is having legitimate preparing for recently new low maintenance specialists and give representatives sustenance amid work hours, this sadly could be a fleeting impact since the eatery can’t generally give nourishment to the representatives keeping in mind the end goal to fulfill them however the eatery could in any case give preparing to recently part clocks which this can be a conceivable long haul impact for instance new approaching laborers after colleges or high schoolers can have preparing as a worker in the eatery which this can be a long haul impact.