My work both as a student of architecture and

My love for building
things started from an early age thanks to my father’s woodworking shop. My
father owned a small woodworking shop where he used to build custom made dining
tables, closets and TV stands. Up until high school, I used to spend most of my
weekends and summer breaks working in my dad’s shop. That experience endowed me
with an acute sense of sculpt and space because for every order that we got
from customers we had to go to their houses and measure the space where the
item will be placed and consider how it blends with the rest of the furniture
and other stuff in the house. having had that opportunity allowed me to develop
essential skills that turned out to be valuable during my work both as a student
of architecture and afterwards as a professional.

I live in Addis Ababa,
the capital city of Ethiopia. It is one of the most crowded cities in the
country. The population of the city increases every year and even though there
are efforts to build condominium to address housing problems the way they are
built is not sustainable. That’s why a lot of people prefer living crammed into
small spaces within the city than moving to the condo. Most condo projects are
built on the outskirts of the city and almost all of them fail to consider
green and public spaces in their design, and lack easy access to nearby social
infrastructures. Even the rooms are built in a way that render a lot of spaces
useless. From my experience that It is due to professionals who fail to
integrate social, economic and environmental dynamics into their designs. This
is predominantly, due to the lack of universities in the country that
specialize in Urban Design. Thus, being an enthusiastic about this field and
having had a fair amount of exposure, I am prepared to take an advantage of the
created opportunities and be part of the solution.

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 Designing buildings is an important part of my
daily life and my future aspirations. In that respect, attending the MSc in
Architecture and Urban Design feels like a natural choice. However, I decided
to pursue this program after carefully considering the course curriculum. My
decision stems from the following two reasons. First, since most of the courses
are electives I have the freedom to choose the courses that I believe can help
me best lay the ground for my future career in Urban Design. Second, the
research focus and available research facilities at the department of
Architecture and Civil Engineering complement my research interests. To mention
some, projects like the Spatial Morphology and Compact Cities and facilities
like Center for Housing, Center for HealthCare Architecture, A-workshop are an
opportunity for me to engage both theoretically and practically on addressing
problems of designing urban houses with practicing architects.

Finally, as an
individual I have a strong
aptitude for learning and team work, a zest for challenges and an enthusiastic
desire to contribute to my community. I would like to take with me, in addition
to technical knowledge, a network of strong and lasting relationships with my
teachers and fellow-students. I hope that my background and qualifications are
found suitable for an MS in Architecture
and Urban Design.